1. ULC Shane

    Time, trouble and lots of money

  2. country frank

    The standard green and orange frame breather came to me as a bare frame tube only. No loop, struts or hangers – pained met blue with red spots and just short of a centre tube to become a full 80s’ chop [which is where it seemed to be going prior to rescue]. 2k in parts and god-knows how many hours of my cack handed spanner work later and here it is. V5 arrived mid lockdown and all ready to roll.

    Thanks for looking.

    • wintermod65

      So how long will it be green then ? i remember when you nearly had a different colour scooter every day at one point , the pink LI (not the pink chop) was my fave one of yours, not that id admit it at the time. after all you were a mod back then !

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