1. arrow72

    I get such a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart when I hear things work out. This bastard didn’t even have the decency to accept his fault got caught and was served justice. It would get only better if we could see his face when his insurance premiums increase (hopefully significantly!) the following year…

  2. Dave D

    You were lucky with the CCTV footage. I came out of Morrisons to find my scoot on it’s side and a (reversed) landrover in the parking space next to it. Went back into the shop, explained my situation and asked if there was anybody I could talk to about their camera footage only to be told the cameras just record the entrance and exit (I presume so they can send you a nice little bill when you overstay your welcome!)
    Took all my willpower not to run a key down the side of the landrover as I left but as I couldn’t be 100% sure, I had to just walk away. Begrudgingly.
    And that wasn’t even the first time. Some fella had been in my house speaking to my other half’s mum and then as he left, he ran over my lammy. Said he didn’t see it because of the spare tyre they like to carry on their bonnet. Silly man said he’d rather pay for the repairs than go through insurance as, in his mind, it was only an old moped thingy, so when I gave him the bill from the bodyshop, it ‘almost’ made it worthwhile!
    I do not like landrovers.

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