1. soulscooter

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading this article, now thinking about buying a ramp but a little confused about the Sealey model number, I thought it was MC365 (their ramp rated to 365kg) but it says on their website that the width for it is 480mm not 680mm, could you confirm the model number, I have measured my stand and it is 500mm, I don’t want to get it wrong if I go ahead and order one. Thanks in advance.

    • Iggy Grainger

      Hello, the bench is around 8 years old (still works perfectly) so model numbers may be different. I’d just go by Sealey dimensions on their website.

  2. Granprix Kevin

    As I live in Warsaw, Poland (but not for much longer) I bought a Polish made hydraulic stand much like yours. I don’t know why I hadn’t done it earlier. It is well worth the money I paid, which was 240 quid cheaper, but hey, this is Poland and it was still almost twice my monthly rent. It has saved my back and though I had made and used a work table it was a real pain to push my Lambretta up the ramp where the JL4 I used to run would always catch. Now I just pump with my foot. I do use the safety bar, just in case. You can see a picture of mine here:

  3. soulsurfer

    Don’t waste money on the cheaper versions, the ram went on mine after a year or two and wasn’t available as a spare part. The next one I had was an old hospital bed to which I fixed a ply top to, works a treat, wheels around easily, and plenty of room for tools and parts whilst working 🙂

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