1. timthemod

    Does the Italian version of DLVA have reciprocal agreements with the UK DVLA. Hence you getting your ‘letter of impending prosecution’? I was in Italy last year and drove through a number of ULEZ zones on my UK registered Vespa and didn’t get any notifications? Weird!

  2. iggy-grainger

    They do for certain offences like speeding/drink/drug driving/red lights etc. but not for less ‘serious’ matters. They can still get your details and pursue you using private debt recovery agents up to one year after the offence though.

  3. Doug

    World is officially going mad, like Alvaro from Madrid said, “this should be aimed and cars, not a bikes”

  4. agnomen

    And now beginning to spread in the UK with the Liverpool City Region mayor Steve Rotherham announcing today he plans for the region to be carbon zero by 2040. No doubt all the city regions will announce similar schemes which will make it difficult to attend rallies or go on a weekend ride-out to the seaside for a couple of hours.


  5. Siobhan Ellis

    From my local source I got.

    On historic plates or foreign registration:

    25 week days a year.
    OK at weekends

    Foreign plates a total of 90 days a year for the whole country.

  6. Bjorn Toulouse

    Has Milan got GumTree?

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