1. Doug

    a legend from my youth

  2. Robert Shaw

    I enjoyed reading that.

    I remember that night in Tiffany’s. We got there early and had a table to the side and saw it all unfold. A ruined night was prelude of what was to infect scootering life for a while.

  3. paul d

    Fascinating interview! Another jigsaw piece of the picture which is our scooter scene. Glad he’s doing well, great read.

  4. Brian Jackson

    Never really hit it off with Martin but remember him very well from my days around Eastfield. Great to see him doing so well though and what a fantastic read. I was a biker but a lot of my mates had scooters and I remember lettering the chopper for Steve (Leo) Whitaker when he changed it’s name from Futuretta to Sheer Havoc of Pure Havoc or something..looking back now and even then the lettering styly didn’t really fit with the name but I went to see it at a bike exhibition in Doncaster one time..a few other names back then were Dez Grainger, Andy Bull, Steve Parks, Kev Gibson all who Martin would have known very well…Thanks for the memories Martin..

  5. Rob Elliott

    Sorry but I think Martin’s memory may be lapsing with age. Credit for organising original number 1’s meeting needs to go to the guys that were directly responsible for it, and it wasn’t himself.
    It is true to say the fanzine [Northern Mode Scene] was responsible for these guys having contact with each other but as I recall, and it can be checked via the old NMS, a letter [no e-mails] conversation over a couple of months issues between Tom Petch of York SC and Steve Harrison of Cheshire Midnight Runners SC [later manager of the indie band the Charlatans], where I think Tom asked why the clubs from across the country went in different directions on a Bank Holiday and Steve replied suggesting a central meeting to agree locations for a number of BH rallies.

    I was a member of a short lived club called the British Lions, based in Bilston near Wolverhampton. The number 1 of the club, Dave Murray, wrote to NMS and said we could put a meeting on for all the number 1’s in a small club we used called the ‘Skybolt’ in Bilston. This was a Jamaican social club of sorts, which through one of our club, Ken Onions, was used as a mod/scooter style night club [we were nearly all mods then due to Quod with the exception of Dave & Ken who were into something called Northern Soul ???].

    The meeting was set for I think early Feb 1981 and the weather was atrocious, heavy snow had come down and I think we weren’t expecting many to come down to the midlands but we were wrong, it was ram packed.
    Martin was right, there was a stripper, and she had seen better days, but she kept the crowd of No 2s, 3s, 4s entertained along with our DJ, Aggy, while the important business went on upstairs. I went in the meeting for a while but it was chaos, we hadn’t really expected that many and had no format for the meeting thinking somewhat foolishly it would be a sensible discussion, not a shouting match. In the end I wondered off to watch the wrinkly lady but popped in and out.
    I think I am right in saying both Martin Dixon and Kev Walsh chaired the meeting in the end although I would need someone else to confirm that.
    Dave Murray, Ken Onions, myself and a good few local guys that were there that day are still in the scene.
    Sorry to ramble but credit where its due, but if I’m wrong on any point I apologise as age is catching me too.

    Rob Elliott

  6. Sticky Round

    Rob, thanks for your input. I’m sure Martin’s memory isn’t perfect and he’ll be the first to admit that. I’ve seen elsewhere that both Tom Petch and Steve Harrison have been credited with the idea of a No.1s meeting including, but like you say, NMS was the glue that bound it all together at the time.



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