1. mickymidas

    What an excellent show . Well done to Iggy and every single one of the team who put this on . The standard of custom scoots covering every possible genre was outstanding .
    Big up and nuff respek to all the hardy souls who braved the shi**y weather to ride in on two wheels . The car park stewards and marshalls did a great job under the circumstances . The leg ends room was a nice touch and Sticky’s tale of his time doing a 2 stretch( 2hrs) for motoring offences brought a tear to many an eye . And i’m sure the hand picked traders were happy .
    Cant leave out Ellis photo man , he was a busy c**t all day taking some striking pics of the scooters , and some not so flattering pics of fat blokes bumbling around .
    Here’s to the next one . Top whole , what ?

  2. paul d

    If we had the time off we’d have been there. The Legends Room is the best idea I’ve heard of in a very long time. I always enjoy reading articles about those special people that achieve greatness but the idea of hearing their stories in person….it would be a great addition to any rally! The whole event was an amazing achievement. Well done!

  3. andyl

    Brilliant, I think you’ve got the solution to the comedy mods everyone complains about – comedy right wing extremists. With your encouragement they could turn up to scooter events on their knock off nazi themed scooters and see off the mods just like they did in the 1980s. Why not dredge up some original blood and honour skin heads for a nazi salute on the stage next year for some authentic 80s nostalgia?

    • mickymidas

      Just a personal observation , are you saying that a scooter shouldn’t be allowed to be invited or enter into a show because the subject matter may upset someone ?
      Obviously a custom scooter is subjective , and beauty ( or not ) is in the eye of the beholder . The scooter in question was surrounded by nearly a hundred others , and , agreed , the subject matter may not be to everyones taste ( certainly not mine ) , but , the application of the paint work was excellent , and a credit to the sprayer/ painter who applied it .
      We all know the scooter scene in general has had an underlying right wing element in hiding for years , but no one was handing out flyers for a Nazi rally or right wing meeting or was offering any encouragement in that direction .
      See it for what it is … a cracking paint job with questionable theme .

      • wintermod65

        no need to hand out flyers as would be like preaching to the converted , overheard numerous ignorant racist comments made while visiting the showseveral in the vicinity of the scooter in question shame scootering hasnt moved on and left this back in the 80’s . the appeal of this scooter seems based on this as its not even one of Spurgeons best works ,sign of the snake / wake / and the clash scooter among the other show goers were way above it .maybe they just need to add a few pointy KKK hats or some NF /BNP logos to get the popular vote

        the name of the scooter and its symbology is as much to do with neo-nazi / white supremacist politics as it is to do with the WW2/ Germany under the Nazi regime . by making excuses for it you give comfort to those who hold the same twisted views that there is a welcome for them within Scootering .

        Maybe someone will do a Taliban /ISIS scooter in time for the next show and people will forget this scooter however the name is spelled.

        This aside the rest of the show was great well done to the organisers i dont share you views on this scooter though and fair play to those that rode up would have loved to ride mine there but sadly that other thing that has troubled scootering since the 80’s poor quality parts meant i had no electrics

  4. PandemoniumRocket

    Great event, well organised and thought out.. Never done a proper custom show /exhibition before so didn’t know what to expect. Helen and I came up from Dorset with 2 bikes, my big old (soon to be scrapped/recycled) Scootacar and my not been shown before little vespa chop INDO LOW, and set up Saturday afternoon, returning Sunday morning to find we were surrounded by some of the best custom and classic scooters I’ve ever seen. We were next to Seig Heil a scooter I hadn’t seen for many years. I can appreciate the time money and skill gone into it without getting antsy over the subject matter.. If you didn’t like it look at something else and there was certainly a lot more to look at, for me the Series 2 morphed into a Model D on steroids was superb. A great atmosphere and a credit to the hard work you all put into it. Many thanks for the invitation and if I’m hoping to get another invite next year I’ll have to up my game.

    • andyl

      Do what you like, it’s a free country. I’ve lost interest.

  5. Sonic

    “… if you dont like it, dont look at it… ” ah okay, topic is not okay but if I dont see it its no problem. Guys are you serious?

    @Iggy, since I read this article, I cant take you and SLUK serious anymore.


  6. iggy-grainger

    There are numerous custom scooters depicting various wars from all angles, Ginger Lacey celebrates a fighter pilot for instance. There are also numerous scooters with The Krays and other murderers as a theme. Like I said in the article, if atrocities are just buried under the carpet nobody can learn from them.

    I visited Auschwitz last year, an eye-opening experience that lead to me reading lots of books about the subject. Learning about the horrors of the past can help people in the future. Should places like that have been razed to the ground and forgotten about? Unfortunately, mankind is a cruel species and continues to kill innocents for misplaced principles to this day.

    Bringing out a revamped Seig Heil has certainly had as much of a reaction now as it did 30 years ago when it was first shown at Alfreton. It’s provoked lots of discussion on social media (and on here). The subject may not be to everybody’s taste but I can’t see it’s been hijacked by the right wing, if anything it shows the right wing how much ill-feeling there still is towards them. It also shows that freedom of speech and expression is under threat as much today as it was in 1945.

  7. Sonic

    Display it, but let the people comment it. You are the journalist and the way you comment it is really, really blind on both eyes, nothing I expect from an journalist. And if you still not understand what I am talking about, count up to 6 Million and think again about it.

  8. MikeCollum

    Perhaps we should stick to making comments about Scooter Expo as an event, not just one scooter. As such, I was only too happy to attend the event. I remember the shows back in the day, and felt I should support a group of people who are putting so much back into scootering. It was 125 miles each way and I got soaked on the way, and then soaked on the way home too (nothing a nice hot bath didn’t sort out).
    Overall, the show was great and well set out. The idea to spread the scoots out and keep people at a safe distance (unlike Llandudno) was spot on. I also managed to do lots of socializing, as did most people, and even the cafe area didn’t get too crowded.
    My only criticism (and it may not be the fault of the organizers) was that I only counted two stalls selling Vespa parts: VE and MSC. And only limited stocks at that. When you think of all the amazing smallframe tuning goodies available these days I was a bit disappointed that it was 90% Lambretta stalls. Lots of awesome stuff available, no doubt about it, but a better balance next time eh.
    I would definitely like to see the event again, maybe once every two years and I think it would be better to move it about a bit, not just in the midlands. It may be quite easy to get there for England based scooterists, but what about the Scots and Cornish? Just my ideas. All in all, well done all those who put so much time and effort into helping the rest of us have a great day out.

    • iggy-grainger

      Glad you enjoyed the day Mike and I agree about needing some extra Vespa tuning folks there, I’ve already had one on the phone this week offering to do something special for next year if we do it again.

  9. G515PRB

    Brilliant day, despite the weather. The organisation was spot on and controversial scooter or not, the quality of machines was amazing. I’m looking forward to Iggy, Andy and co coming up with something different/better for next year 🙂

    I won’t leave me coat on the floor near a druggie half way house next time tho.


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