1. Alan Gibson

    As a F.O.S.Tours rider from the very start I love reading stories like this one..Sometimes it’s a pain in the arse but its all worthwhile when you read people’s stories and comments about us ( NOT ALWAYS GOOD,I MAY ADD.LOL.) Gibbo.

  2. garry inglis

    absolutely brilliant wright up

  3. colin4255

    It was a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too. Like a long weekend school trip, but taking so called grown up’s! Glad you enjoyed reading about it.

  4. Doug

    Sounded fun – Sportsman did us a great Buffet at Hull, £2.50 a head – well worth it for your next trip. We never take vans, as people get reliant on them and don’t maintain their scoots – any contact details so any of our members can join along

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