1. Robert Shaw

    Good report. I have 4 of these security points and theft it still worries me. I had a GP stolen around 11 years ago here in Belfast and it was hidden in my yard wit ha cover on. Stupidly I didn’t have a lock on it, but somebody knew it was there.

  2. Ian Malone

    Great article. There’s isn’t enough advice for scooter owners, especially as it’s harder to protect smaller scooter wheels with big chain etc.

    Also might be worth checking your bike for tracking devices: https://bikerandbike.co.uk/thieves-are-bugging-bikes-and-following-them-home/

  3. Ivan Carubelli

    The ALPHA XD14: SUPER DISK LOCK does not fit the Vespa GTS, I have just tried it. Can you recomment another type?

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