Scooter Center advent calendar winners | NEWS

Last week’s competition to win a special edition, Scooter Center advent calendar finished last Friday. We asked who the three scooter riders were in Michael Peltzer’s painting. It was a bit of a tricky question but we were open to a bit of artistic licence with the answer.

The three riders are actually Dean Orton and Marco Lambresi (of Rimini Lambretta fame) and Daniele Savare, the man behind mod-inspired Italian fashion company, Connection Knitwear.   

The winners

If the following entrants can email us at editorial@ScooterLab.UK (include your name and address) Scooter Center will make sure your advent calendar is with you before December 1st.

If you’d like to get one of these advent calendars for yourself (they cost just £4.44), you can buy one direct from Scooter Center – or if you spend €100 at SC this month you’ll get a free one with your order.

Pete Stobbart

Marty ULC

Zap Brannigan


Steve SS


Christine Maggie Britten

Richard Oswald

TS1 Shaun