1. Charles Horsfall

    100% get this bike produced, all the dithering piaggio/vespa have done regards will they or wont they stick the Beverly 33bhp in a vespa goes on and on.. you would absolutely clean up!

    cracking looking bike, I would have one!

    definitely keep everyone updated! I will share with friends



    Fantastic. New Hot Metal to challenge Pontedera and make them up their game in performance and styling of the latest incarnation of the largeframe Vespa. That’s got to be a good thing.

  3. webjunky

    I wish they would start taking orders . Like they did for the FP . I am enjoying my FP200 but would like to get my name down on a 400 .

  4. Northumbrian

    Money waiting for a 400. though would be good to have a choice of SX or GP style panels. and colour of course.

  5. Nigel Beevers

    like the gt 300’s splits scooterists into 2 groups, the 125, 150 boys left behind by “the motorbikes”

  6. John Lofgren

    Made in China. Enough said. If these were made in Italy…

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