Scomadi’s new partnership with Pimol Srivikorn (left) and Taya Teepsuwan (on orange scooter).

In a move that will surprise very few people, Scomadi founders Frank Sanderson and Paul Melici have announced a move of production from China (with Hanway) to a facility in Thailand.

“Scomadi Worldwide Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of a new factory to manufacture the scooters on our behalf going forward. The new facility is based in Thailand where the management team have a wealth of experience in the motorcycle industry and we are very confident that the factory will produce high quality products for our rapidly expanding worldwide market.”


“This is a joint venture and partnership, between the co founders of Scomadi, Frank Sanderson and Paul Melici, and the eminent business professionals Pimol Srivikorn and his sister Taya Teepsuwan, who have jointly collaborated to ensure a long term future for the Scomadi products and new designs.”


“It is anticipated that the initial production of scooters will commence from April 2017. Scomadi Worldwide Ltd will continue to update all the international distributors in the forthcoming weeks to confirm the availability of products for each relevant market.”


“Paul Melici and Frank Sanderson believe this is a very positive step forward to ensure the continuity of supply for innovative high quality products.”

The great divide

As we previously announced here, Hanway intend to carry on with their own version of the Scomadi TL125 in a brand that they called Royalloy which MotoGB intend to distribute in the UK.

This announcement will come as a great relief for the current Scomadi dealer network and customers. It seems that the supply of machines had dried-up towards the end of last year. No doubt a few dealers had considered taking Royalloy as an option to fill the gap. Now we have a situation where both firms say that they should have similar products arriving for sale in the UK at around the same time.

This should be an interesting and profitable year for lawyers if nobody else…

Thai a yellow ribbon



Thailand has become a big market for Scomadi so it is little surprise that they have moved production there. Presumably, this is also where they have shipped the engine tooling for their Morini-based 400cc motor.

Both Ducati and Triumph have set up factories in Thailand, where it is much easier to have full control over the manufacturing process than working with a Chinese 3rd-party.

Their new partners are interesting and influential people. Pimol used to be the Harley Davidson importer for Thailand and is a major furniture manufacturer. His mum owns Reading football club, the family own an international hotel chain.

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