1. jimthedj65

    I wish them all the best and hope they innovate as they have done inspiring new life into the British scootering scene. Love that photo of all the scooters lined up. I think they have a real opportunity to remove the copycat looks and design a frame that appeals to the British scooterists that are badly missing from all the other releases that are not nailing the design looks and are all in danger being different versions of each other. Panel lines, engine looks and lines and exhaust flow lines, headsets, speedos that are not calibrated properly, synthetic 2T design are all a bit lacking. I hope Scomadi start to innovate now they have some form of commercial experience behind them and can protect their innovations going forward.

  2. Zap Brannigan

    Good luck to them. A David and Goliath story that hopefully will come right for Scomadi in the end. Helped in part if British scooterists do the right thing and buy from a British owned company, run by life long scooterists, rather than doing the cheaper thing and buy the Quisling’s choice. Ironically, those to whom that statement applies to will probably think this is a Chinese marque. Ha!

    I will keep my money on ice for a new larger capacity Scomadi to come out or even a SSS 200. The Leccy one looks to be a real option too as more councils will be going down the ULEZ route.

  3. Bernard Lyons

    That electric Scomadi is a BRILLIANT idea. A lot of people, including me, are thinking about electric scooters because of changing laws, and generally helping the environment. Some of us want to use electric vehicles for travel, but can’t afford an electric car.
    Most…sorry ALL of the electric scooters look rubbish. A real classic looking scooter, with electric capabilities, is a brilliant option; could be a real winner, particularly if the price is decent, and the specs are good.

    • ULC Shane

      Bernard, have you checked out Retrospective’s
      Classic electric fleet ?

  4. TJBE4

    Congrats to team Scomadi.Hope they can keep their noses in front of the Chinese ones. Electric is cool and convenient. I’ve got a Retrospective converted J50 Lambretta. Not as cool as classic scooter riding but serves a purpose as a second scooter for shopping and town riding.

  5. stuboy

    factory dont exactly look a hive of activity do it ? two blokes stood there with their hands on hips looking for brooms to lean on.

    • iggy-grainger

      The photos were taken on the open day, the workers were all taking part in the ceremony and showing guests around.

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