1. scomadimel

    Great News from Scomadi
    I have owned a second batch TL From new in October 2015; It still rides as new and is still in mint condition.
    So far all I have had to change was the factory fitted battery although that lasted three year .
    Good to see though that there will be spares available if and when required.
    Good Luck to Scomadi team for the future ,

  2. Zap Brannigan

    Great news. The Leccy model could be a real winner, as Piaggio don’t yet seem to be offering anything with decent poke and range, with at least a 125cc equivalent performance, in a larger frame size to suit middle aged fat blokes wanting to do silly miles on them going to rallies on naughty big roads. Rather they seem limited to propelling skinny, Guardian reading, vegan, hipster urbanites a mile each way uptown to get a dairy free latte.

    Now we just need all those “patriots” out there who sport tattoos of Bulldogs and the St. George Cross and smother every inch of their scooters in RAF roundels and the Union Flag to stop supporting the Chinese Communist Party and its attempts to destroy Western industry and our way of life and actually put their money where their large mouths are and support a home grown British automotive innovator.


  3. scootdave

    Great news for Scomadi to be back in the uk, as regards the spares situation any chance of a working speedo for an original FP200? it will be the third one now and its only done 1800 miles!!

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