Covid stopped play and lead to most planes ending up as display models...
Covid stopped play and lead to most planes ending up as display models…

British Scomadi fans and existing owners will be pleased to know that new scooters (plus lots of parts and new accessories) have arrived back in their home country for the first time in over a year.

The brand has a new set up and new UK distribution but Covid-19 has certainly played a part in delaying things since we were out at the Thai factory opening last February.

Dave Wilson has a long history with Scomadi
Dave Wilson has a long history with Scomadi


Supported by Frank and Kaye in Thailand, Scomadi Worldwide Ltd is the UK Distributor for Scomadi. Nigel Godwin will be looking after the dealers, sales and aftermarket side of things. Whilst the scooters and parts will be shipped by Dave Wilson at RetroTech Racing in Leamington Spa. Dave has been a long time supporter of Scomadi and is well qualified to look after the tuning side of the brand.



Scomadi has taken on new warehousing to house the recently delivered first container. That load was made up of new scooters, spares and lots of aftermarket parts. Dave is currently going through the boxes to get it all into stock before the next 40ft container arrives.


New TT 125

Scooter wise, this first consignment only contains new Euro 4 Scomadi TT 125s (the photos above show some of them just after being uncrated). We rode the latest TT models out in Thailand at the factory opening last February. The evolution of the brand has seen many improvements over the earlier models in terms of both ride and build quality, turning them into an altogether better scooter.


Quality finish

The latest metal-bodied machines really do look good close up with a couple of new colours to set things off, including the ‘in-yer -face’ acid yellow (above) and the stunning sunburnt metallic orange (below). They ride better too. Fork design/bearings, suspension and frame modifications have made the ride much smoother.


Most of the first shipment of scooters have gone out to selected dealers this week. It’s fair to say that there won’t be an abundance of new Scomadis this summer but the firm are reintroducing slowly and making sure parts are still available for older models.

Euro 5?

Euro 5 became mandatory for all new bikes on Jan 1st 2021 but the whole bike industry is behind on that score. Covid restrictions and showroom closures set back sales, development and testing in 2020. Neither Scomadi nor RA are Euro 5 ready.

Manufacturers can apply for an extended ‘end-of-series’ derogation period to allow them to sell off existing new or pre-registered stock.

Frank at the factory showing off some aftermarket luggage on the lovely orange TT
Frank at the factory showing off some aftermarket luggage on the lovely orange TT

Let’s be Frank

We asked Frank Sanderson a few questions about the new setup and Scomadi’s plans moving forwards.

Kaye oversees the UK shipment, these are all TT/TL parts and scooters
Kaye oversees the UK shipment, these are all TT/TL parts and scooters

What will spares availability be like for older TL models? The TL and TT share many common parts, bodywork for the TL is not an issue, we have large amounts in stock that can be ordered by dealers through the distributor. We also have direct lines of supply from the engine manufacturers direct to the UK. In the event of particular unique parts manufactured by Hanway (original Scomadi and RA manufacturer) that are concurrent with the RA GT model, MotoGB (RA distributor) and Hanway are obliged to supply as the manufacturer. This is also part of the agreement between Scomadi and Hanway/MotoGB. The new Scomadi fork system is also fittable as a replacement for TL forks.

RetroTech are currently unpacking and cataloguing spare parts and new scooters
RetroTech are currently unpacking and cataloguing spare parts and new scooters

Are there any upgrades owners of older bikes can buy now? All suspension parts are compatible. Even the TT front forks can be fitted. Kits of body parts are available to update the TL to TT spec, or to convert to a cutdown model. All the Yuminashi parts and exhaust systems are also compatible.

Will Dave be overseeing warranty work or is that Nigel’s part? Nigel is our main point of contact for all dealers. Dave is supporting Nigel as our technical advisor and tuning guru. Dave will be supporting Scomadi Worldwide by holding and shipping spares, warranty and aftermarket parts. Warranty claims will be processed in the same way as previously through Nigel and they will be reviewed by myself at Scomadi HQ.

Are the 125s that are currently in the UK Euro 4 or 5? Euro 4, there are no E5 currently available. This is the same for other brands.

When are we likely to get an approved E5 125/200 in the UK? We are working on both now but do not expect anything soon. We will be reintroducing MSVA tested models in the interim as soon as the test centres open again in the UK. This will allow the direct sale of the SSS models.

Scomadi are going large on the accessories catalogue
Scomadi are going large on the accessories catalogue

Will the cutdown come as a standard 125/200 (with modified bodywork) with options to upgrade to various tuning stages? The cutdown will initially be introduced as a kit of parts for a dealer, or capable owner to fit in the same way as the TL to TT kits. All available tuning parts are also available to dealers or capable owners to fit. Once MSVA centres are open pre-modified scooters will be available from the factory.

VIDEO | A bit of fun whilst commuting Thai style...

We had great fun blasting around Thailand for a few days on the bright yellow SSS cutdown, with Yuminashi variator and Scomadi aftermarket exhaust it went as well as it looked. Check it out in the video above. Most of these tuning and styling parts are now available in the UK.

SLUK test rode the rapid electric Scomadi in Thailand - it beats a GTS 300 on acceleration
SLUK test rode the rapid electric Scomadi in Thailand – it beats a GTS 300 on acceleration

What’s happening with the electric Scomadi? Due to Covid, many things needed to be mothballed, the electric was as such but now development is on full stream again.

Why should previous Scomadi fans take a fresh look at the brand? They are the people we are looking to support with our new set up, putting the supply of spares and aftermarket parts as our main priority. This is in order for people to regain confidence in the brand before asking them to commit to purchasing a new scooter, as they say, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating!’

The old dealer network fell by the wayside, who else is on board besides RetroTech? Darren Mudie at Modern Scooters has remained loyal to the Scomadi brand, offering his support, knowledge and expertise. He also holds a large range of TL spare parts (available to purchase through his dealership), as well as having access to all the OEM TT parts that have just arrived in the UK. Phil at QB Motorcycles is also stocking Scomadi and other dealers will be announced soon.
Thai dealers test riding at the factory
Thai dealers test riding at the factory

The future

Nobody could have predicted the Covid pandemic or the effect it is still having on the world one year later. 2021 is going to be a trying time for many scooter manufacturers, not only have they got Covid and its repercussions to deal with but they have the added headache of Euro 5. We’re going to see the smaller manufacturers fighting hard to catch up to the big boys. Hence the low-key reintroduction of Scomadi. This is no time for fanfares and marching bands. Just re-establishing a brand, building a new dealer network and getting spares on shelves for existing customers is a step in the right direction. We’re not likely to see a ‘normal’ stock of Scomadis in the UK until 2022 but we can expect plenty of shiny aftermarket parts, tuning goodies and styling modifications for both old and new Scomadi models.


For now, if you want a 125cc Scomadi, or want more information about when you could expect a new SSS 200 to arrive email 

Please note: Dealers and contacts haven’t been updated on the old Scomadi website (web developer is on furlough) so for now only use the email address.

Words and photos: Iggy

SLUK make and sell plastic products for the TL and TT Scomadi models