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I saw a friend’s Facebook status a while ago, he’d accidentally left one of his heated gloves outside overnight and the local wildlife had chewed it up. As luck would have it I’d had a brand new pair of RST Pro Series Paragon 6 heated gloves sent in for testing.


With lockdown in full swing, it meant I wouldn’t be riding much over winter so I sent them down to Martin who has a cold commute into London every day.


Here’s how he’s getting on with them…




The year-round commuter


It’s always nice to get free stuff, and Iggy got these gloves to test from RST. Due to the strange times we’re all living in, he obviously hasn’t been riding much, so as I ride to my hospital maintenance job every day I got the job of testing these lovely warm gloves, over the course of some pretty cold riding weather. Result!


From new (left) to eaten (middle) and crashed (right)
From new (left) to eaten (middle) and crashed (right)




This will be my third pair of heated RSTs, having bought my first pair just before doing The Testicle Run in February 2016, when they kept my hands warm and dry on my cold 500 miles of that mad charity ride. They are warm gloves, even without the power on, and 100% waterproof in my experience. 


My first pair got slightly damaged after three years of service when I got knocked off by a SMIDSY, but they did their job of protecting my digits very well.




What the fox happened to my glove?


I bought a replacement pair with my insurance settlement and they were slightly updated, with a better control button, and a screen wiper on the index finger of both gloves (Iggy reviewed a pair here).


And apparently, they’re quite tasty. I accidentally left them out overnight and the local foxes chewed through the thumb of one of them!


Paragon 6 heat tested from 30º to 39º
Paragon 6 heat tested from 30º to 39º


Heat and battery life


Out of interest, I tested the heat inside the gloves and the max setting was over 39ºc, down to 30ºc on the lowest setting, still toasty enough though actually.


I timed the gloves on each setting until the batteries ran right out (which is about three minutes after the light on the gloves start to flash to warn you.


  • On high setting (39ºc) 143 minutes (2.23 hours)
  • Medium Setting (34ºc) 170 minutes (2.50 hours)
  • Low (30ºc) 273 minutes (4.32 hours)



What’s been updated?


Heat distribution now extends to the full fingers and back of the hand, the heat controller on the back of the glove has been repositioned and recessed into the glove for easier operation and better ergonomics. The gloves have three heat settings, red for the hottest, orange for the medium setting and green for the coolest. They also have smart touch fingers to allow you to operate your devices.


The gloves are CE certified to level 1 KP and have improved knuckle protection, plus memory foam finger and thumb protection. Increased comfort is provided by the soft feel polyester lining with SinAqua waterproof lining. Hook and loop, elastic cuff and drawcord adjusters give a secure/close fit.

Thoughts after two months use


The gloves come with two Li-Polymer batteries, about the size of a matchbox (they zip into the cuff of the gloves). There’s also a charger with two leads. I just leave them on charge all night, so haven’t actually logged the charge up time. I did, however time the gloves on all three power settings (see above), although I found them too hot for me on the maximum setting, even though it is a pretty cold 40-minute ride to work for me at 7 am, in January.


Two other points I really like are that the lining never pulls out when you take the gloves off, a particularly annoying fault I’ve found with cheaper gloves, and the fact that the gloves come up over the cuff of your jacket. I highly recommend these gloves. Especially if you’re a regular long-distance and, or, all-weather rider. They are a bit pricey, but worth it for the comfort, I think. 


Martin McGowan



Price and availability


The gloves are available in sizes Small to 2XL.

They cost £189.99 and are available from RST dealers around the country now. They are also available from the SLUK shop here (we supply and can get the full RST range).


Non-heated Paragon


If you’re looking for a great waterproof glove but without the benefit of heated tech, give the non-heated Paragons a try at £69.99.