1. Zap Brannigan

    Let’s NOT leave politics aside as so called “patriotic” scooterists are politicising these RAs by swathing them in symbols of Britain’s history and culture, namely Union Flags, RAF roundels, Lancaster bombers and even (this makes me choke) the Remembrance Poppy and images of Churchill!

    I say to all of you that do this, fully aware of the politics behind this marque, you are disgusting “Pound Shop Patriots”, not worthy of displaying these symbols. You are all a disgrace to Britain.

    The price of your stolen heritage can be measured by a couple of hundred quid! Pathetic.

    So, ride your little clones you morons, draped in a “Red Flag”, as you are certainly patriots…of a communist regime that seeks to undermine western industry by stealth and by stealing intellectual property.

    The People’s (Communist) Republic of China thanks you!


  2. markhenson

    There seems to be three distinct themes (Patriotism Politics and Military History) entwined in Zap’s humble opinion of the British scooter buying public.In particular the refreshing choice offered by Chinese scooter manufacturers.

    In the absence of any British manufactured scooter, or” western Industry” alternative offering anything close to Lambretta retro features the chinese option becomes Hobsons choice.It falls upon the purchaser to accept what is on offer or nothing. The now lack of British made scooter alternatives situation might be paralleled by the British car industry, whose demise might be blamed on the general motoring public who collectively failed to upkeep the domestic motoring industry alive in buying foreign cars.Perhaps by Zap’s logic the majority of British motorists are also “morons” solely responsible for the rise of Asia’s Industrial might.
    However, It seems the sacrifices made by our allied nations fight to the death during ww2 to maintain the principles of democracy and “freedom of choice” are now “unpatriotic ” If they don’t support a non Chinese alternative.

    The first point in addressing this summary of anti -Chinese sentiment is the obvious question of Hypocrisy in respect of the manufacturing origin of any products the author owns or uses.These might include TV,car, mobile phone,domestic appliances ,tools ,clothing etc.
    If ANY of these emanate from the PRC surely their purchase contributed to the very state so despised by the author.With regard to scooters,what “Intellectual property” was stolen from Britain?
    Moving on from the hypocrisy issue, the buying public want reliability,style,quality,performance and value.All these are valid issues devoid of political morality .The review addressed all these points well and this forum is probably not interested in political rhetoric.
    Zap” King Canute’s” Admirable political stand against the sinister take over of the world by stealthy China would have been prophetic if these words of scorn and doom were uttered in the 60s during Mao Zedong reign of communist aggression.

    Military History:
    A common factor linking the quoted symbols and artwork on chinese scooters is WW2 era memorabilia..Although contempt is shown that such displays are distatefull on a Chinese scooter ,the author doesn’t make clear if the symbols /artwork would be acceptable if they were instead decorating a British or ww2 Allied nation manufactured machine …If so, please be advised that there is now no such product .
    Staying with the origin of manufacture / scooter/ww2 history link ,the Chinese were not just another British ally but they suffered the greatest human loss of life in ww2 ,second only to Russia.by contrast Innocenti and Piaggio (lambretta and Vespa scooters) were Italian (ww2 axis enemy) manufacturers of war products…Any adverse comments for these British Lambretta/Vespa owners?Anyone feeling unpatriotic?
    If by chance your response may be “all that was in the past” ,I would suggest your current opinions are also dated.,for where were YOU 45 years ago to support our then failing motoring industry which was unable to competitively stand toe to toe with the capitalist Japan ?.
    Your contempt for the British buying scooterist is misplaced, out of synchronization and illogical.The act of adorning a scooter with historic heritage themes remains a homage to that specific subject regardless of the machine that carries it.

    • Zap Brannigan

      A very well crafted and wordy response, well done. All that being said you are wrong and your compatriots buying these things and adorning them with images of British culture are wrong too. The fact that people do not see where the hypocrisy lies only reinforces my point. How do you describe a colour to the blind?

      As for supporting British industry, I have done just that. Having owned British built bikes, cars and scooters and still own a British bike but that IS not my main point. I did not say don’t buy “foreign” built machines or even Chinese machines per se. My point is concerning this marque and the strange Orwellian “doublethink” required to buy one of these particular machines in full knowledge of the history behind it and then see fit to adorn it with British cultural images. Just bizarre! This speaks of a weak morality and low IQ. Forgive them Father for they know not what they do….being dumb.

      Talk is cheap. Many “Die Hard Scooterists” claim they are true British patriots but their words are not matched with deeds. Doing not talking is the true test of a person. It requires effort and is sometimes not the easier of cheaper path to take.

      Pound Shop Patriots indeed.

  3. iggy-grainger

    For those of you sitting on the other side of this commercial fence, we’ll have some interesting features and news for you at the end of next week…

  4. motoducati750

    is known where the hpe engine is manufactured? Who makes it?

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