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  1. Warkton Tornado No.1

    The trip down to Royspeed was the first long journey that I made in 1973.

    The shop was brimming with tuning even goodies of the time & I think Roy coined the phrase “Bolt on Power”

    Possibly Roy was the UK agent for a range of paints. Cal-Custom springs to mind. In any case, the quality of the few bikes there was amazing & I had never seen modified scooters that looked so ‘right’

    Roy was a pioneer & it took a long time before the rest of the World caught up with his innovative ideas. The Royspeed Clubman exhaust was the best available & well built. If a box fresh NOS Royspeed Clubman were to be found today, it would be comparable with Ron Moss’ & Ralpth Saxelby’s.

    The timing of Roy’s ventures with Lambretta was wrong, what with Innocenti selling out to British Leyland. However, that should never diminish Roy’s genius & inspiration to those of us that carried the dim Lambretta torch through the 70’s to allow the following generations to inherit UK Lambretta heritage.

    If it hadn’t been for Gentlemen like Roy & the racing element, scootering via a Lambretta would never have survived.

    Rest In Peace Roy

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