1. Nudger

    Good luck and I hope the Old Bill don’t prevent the ride out in the name of ‘public order’.
    Unfortunately though, I don’t believe petitions change anything but this sort of direct action will (for this scumbag anyway).

  2. wintermod65

    Good idea in principle and good luck too , but the scum is 20yrs old and therefore adult scum !! ,so if the parents are scum too maybe its a futile exercise

    if the parents are decent minded people who feel some guilt and who are ashamed they have spawned such a feral scum ,toe rag .waste of life maybe they will hand over some of his possessions as compensation.
    or hand him over to the police to confess.

    failing that i’d arrange a protest at the local police and crime commissioners , about re-election time should work nicely

  3. Scooterbloke

    Delivering an invoice is an excellent idea. Do remember to sign the invoice for it to be valid. If you don’t get paid by the date specified on the invoice you can then use Money Claim Online https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome as a cheaper alternative to a Solicitor.

    When making a claim in commerce there is an automatic presumption of guilt. The defendant (perp) must then prove that they are innocent. It’s the exact opposite of what you have been led to believe.

    You can beef up you claim by issuing the perp with an Affidavit, which is a simple statement of (your) truth. Just write down what happened, including how you suffered harm, injury, loss, or how you were denied a right, eg. the right to enjoy the use of your scooter. Include a figure in pounds for the full amount of the liability. Be concise and number each point. No supporting evidence is required. It’s just the truth, as you see it.

    The perp (respondent) then has fourteen days to rebut your affidavit (truth) point-for-point, which they probably won’t bother to do, in my experience. Send a reminder after fourteen days and allow them another three days grace to respond. An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce foreverafter. You have now established agreement between the parties which a Judge (actually, an Administrator) must accept as fact, regardless of any presentations made later.

    Regarding petitioning, “to petition” means “to beg”. Why would you beg your (public) servants for anything? Better to issue them with directions (instructions). It helps to remind them who is the boss (you). I always address all (public) servants as “my dear servant” in all communications, written or verbal. If they don’t rebut it they’re in agreement and you have a higher status from that point on. If they do rebut it, don’t do business with them at all, as they’re an impostor (assuming an identity in order to deceive).

    Disclaimer: This communication is for amusement purposes only and is not intended as legal or financial advice. Always consult a qualified professional [or use the internet to educate yourself, as I have done].

  4. whrichards

    Jesus! Vigilantism, harassment, intimidation and mob justice? Makes me ashamed to be a scooterist.

    • wintermod65

      typical mock indignation associated with todays “snowflake britannia”

      cant you see its about raising awareness, that this type of vehicle theft has a serious impact on the owners life and society at large if by shaming the individuals family and the police for not taking action it starts to put the spotlight on this issue as it generates media attention which can bring pressure on those i power to do something about it and thats only a good thing .

      handing in an invoice is rather restrained action ,im sure theres plenty of us out there who would want something more extreme in terms of direct action if it was one of our scooters that had been stolen

    • Nudger

      Yes, how dare someone stand up for themselves against this recent plague of scooter theft. Hopefully you’ll never have your scooter stolen & experience the sickening feeling of looking at the empty space where your pride & enjoy was once parked.


      Are you a Clinton voter by any chance? Starting your sentence with “Jesus” made me think you may be a Californian Lefty snowflake.

      However the “Richards” says it all. Cockney rhyming slang.

      If you get all butt hurt because people here call you a domeless wonder boy for your wet opinion, just think how all these people who have their property damaged or destroyed by thieves feel?

      Bet you ride some plastic fantastic Comedy Mod Chinese retro like a Chinling Vibrato or suchlike.

      What would Jesus say?! 🙁

  5. whrichards

    Blimey, you get them all on here, don’t you! For what it’s worth I ride a PX125. Good luck with your harassment of innocent people. I’m disappointed this website also promotes this type of action. Pretty shoddy.

    • Nudger

      Is it hard riding that Vespa with your thumb stuck up your arse? My sarcastic comment aside, don’t you realize people have had enough of the (mostly) young feral youths who steal, stab and harass without fear of the police or criminal system? Time to take the fight to them and make THEM frightened of US, the decent majority.

  6. whrichards

    …and, just out of interest, what is cockney rhyming slang for ‘Richards’?

  7. Pete Soulboy Martin

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