1. mcaluan

    Great article…. interesting reading about and guessing what will happen next. Will hydrogen cells play a roll in future transport developments? Who knows??? I’d go down the electrical conversion route when the batteries give better range.

    • covboy

      Does anyone know what the insurance costs are for a classic scooter with a new electric power plant and batteries? Im sure my current providers would not be able to quote me……

  2. Robbiesin

    I was just wondering what happened to alcohol burning vehicles. Here in the USA back in the 70’s with the first big jump in fuel prices (from 23cents to over 50) alcohol was the wave of the future. Supposedly less polution than chilli day at the local rest home. I love the concept of electric, but while range and rapid charging is being worked out I’d like to see an internal combustion engine that doesn’t pollute with a decent range. Maybe alcohol should be looked at ( besides the usual way,in a glass)

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