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World first? Vespa GTX 300 | FEATURE

As a classic scooter enthusiast, I can’t help but thinking that Piaggio have really missed out by not capitalising on their rich back catalogue of timeless Vespa designs. Retro scooters sell by the container load – if it looks faintly like a 1960s classic but has modern running gear and somewhere to plug your hair […]


New ‘Slip on’ Scorpion Exhausts for Euro 4 & 5 Vespa GTS | FEATURE

  Owners of the latest Vespa GTS models will be pleased to know that Scorpion now have an aftermarket ‘slip-on’ exhaust available for the catalysed Euro 5 (and Euro 4) models.   This means swapping from a standard exhaust to a Scorpion is literally a five-minute job. Great news for the less mechanically minded – […]


Part 2: One-Armed Bandit (single fork) Lambretta | TECH

An old man getting duffed-up by the pocket rockets   In part one we looked at why a single-sided Lambretta fork conversion could be a better option, in this part, we ride the scooter to find out if it is.   Is a mono-fork any better?   In trying to find the answer to this […]


Part 1: One-Armed Bandit (single fork) Lambretta | TECH

  Is converting Lambrettas to a single fork leg an act of heresy or engineering genius? To find out, Sticky rode Casa Performance’s winner of the Pomposa 500km scooter endurance race; the one-armed bandit that stole the show…   It’s ‘small bike’ Sunday practice day on the recently-enlarged Pomposa race circuit, somewhere on the Adriatic […]

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Vespa Elettrica 45 km/h | ROAD TEST

  We don’t tend to review (or ride) mopeds on ScooterLab very often but when one bears the Vespa name we’ll make an exception. The last (and only) time I rode the Elettrica was on a small test track at the EICMA show in Milan in 2018. The then-new electric scooter had just been ridden […]


Taylor Tuning TType 252/265 | TEST RIDE

  When you’re officially one of the fastest men to ever ride a full-bodied Lambretta up a sprint track there’s not much chance you’ll just pootle around town on a standard GP. We nipped up to sunny Scunthorpe to find out what 127mph sprinter, Eric Cope chooses as his road bike. Then we nicked his […]


Knowledge: Martin Leech’s 283cc Lambretta Tourer | FEATURE

  A scooter feature on SLUK?   It’s been a long time since we’ve carried any custom scooter features on SLUK. In the eyes of many custom builders there’s a prestige to paper – particularly a magazine cover – that can’t be rivalled and I understand that.   Equally, there are scooters that offer a […]