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SSS – Scomadi Special Series | FEATURE

  The Scomadi Special Series ‘SSS’ was mentioned in our recent feature on the new factory and for many Scooterboys (and girls) this particular offshoot for the brand will be of special interest. It takes an ‘off the shelf’ production scooter and turns it into a factory spec special edition designed to the customer’s requirements. […]


From knacker to cracker – Lambretta S2 build | FEATURE

  The process of turning a rustic relic into a head-turner can be fraught with hidden perils, as can owning more scooters than the missus deems to be strictly necessary. Even so, writing one-off in order to build the scooter you forgot to tell her about isn’t always the safest option. SLUK reader, Jerry tells […]


Long termer: Vespa GTS Supertech – the end | FEATURE

  Our long term Vespa GTS has gone back to Piaggio after the best part of seven months in the SLUK toy cupboard. I managed to hang on to it for an extra month but sadly it had to go back in February, leaving a battleship grey, Vespa-sized hole in the garage.

Scomthai line up

Behind the scenes at Scomadi Thailand | FEATURE

  Scomadi timeline at the new factory – remembering their roots   I’ve followed the Scooter Innovations and Scomadi story from day one and have written numerous features and stories about the brand for various publications over the years – and of course for ScooterLab.   I watched the story develop. From bespoke hybrid Lambretta […]


Castle Capers North Wales scooter tour | FEATURE

  If you’re into scooters you’ll no doubt enjoy having a purpose for a decent ride. Just nipping to Matlock (or the seaside) for a bag of chips every Sunday like the local bikers doesn’t really cut the mustard. Sometimes though the lure of a far off destination is too time-consuming so a challenge closer […]


Simonini Killercase 260 | FEATURE

  We often get to see what the big boys are up to around the world but some of the smaller, or less well-known scooter tuners, shops and ‘in the shed’ builders get overlooked. It’s good to know what’s happening in the crazy world of scooter tuning though – if you’re an overlooked genius get […]

gts dyno scorpion

Long termer: Vespa GTS Supertech Speedwheel dyno | FEATURE

  We mentioned having a Kübler Speedwheel fitted in our last Long Termer report and told you what our first impressions were. Now we’ve had time to use the GTS for a couple of extra months we thought it was worth bringing you an update.


Oz tour: Part 2 – From the Iberian to Istrian Coast | FEATURE

  Last week we shared part one of Australian, Bill Kesteren’s European scooter adventure holiday in Almeria. In part two Bill and friends wave goodbye to sunny Spain and head to the wetness of Croatia, via a short stop off in damp Venice. One thing you can never plan your whole life around is the […]

DSCF1283 (1)-800

J&G Vespa 200 cylinder conversion for the PX125 | FEATURE

Geoff on his 208cc Vespa PX125   Unless you know better, French scooterboy Guy-Francois Evrard – known to his British friends as Geoff – has become the first to achieve the impossible. He has successfully fitted a large-block Vespa 200 cylinder onto the Vespa PX125 casings.   OK, it’s obviously not impossible, but it is […]


Oz tour of Spain – Iberian to Istrian Coasts – Part 1 Iberian Coast | FEATURE

  We recently asked for readers to share their scooter touring stories with us. Australian reader, Bill Kesteren was the first one to get in touch. Here’s part one of his European scooter holiday…   This trip had been discussed since our last overseas adventure in Tuscany. Drew and Chel had been talking with Ian […]


Project SuperLui – Part 9: Finishing touches | FEATURE

  Wooaah, it’s been a while I know but we haven’t forgotten you. If you’ve missed any episodes then you can either Google ‘SLUK Superlui’ or start here.   In our last episode, Sam powder-coated his Lambretta chassis with the help of Gibbo from Nuneaton Alloy Wheels and Powdercoating. Then it was time to put […]


Part 2: Col’s 1989 Scooter Rally Flashbacks | NOSTALGIA

  Last week, Col took us on a trip down memory lane to show the differences between 1989 and 30 years into the future of National Rallies. Here’s part two, as he takes us through the second half of that last year of the 1980s. With loads of great photos of what was the time […]