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Take your test – or are you an ‘L’ plate Loser? FEATURE

L plates are for learners, not for life   If you look around the campsite and town at any big scooter rally, or around the car park at a ride out you’ll see an abundance of classic and modern scooters. A variety of machines from all marques dating back to the 1950s, sometimes even earlier […]

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Vespa Sprint Crank e – an Austrian geared electric conversion | FEATURE

As a teenager, Dr Guido Schwarz was a young Austrian mod who helped his older brother to maintain his Vespa 50 Special. Guido had to wait a few years before buying a scooter of his own, his first was ‘just’ a Piaggio Typhoon. Guido became a scooterist though and bought a Vespa Sprint a couple […]


Home-built Turkish electric PX 2000 | FEATURE

  This isn’t the first electric PX we’ve covered on ScooterLab but it is the first home-built one. It comes from Turkish SLUK reader, Burak Kazar and was built to enable him to get to work quickly and efficiently.   Burak takes up the story…      It all began in the summer of 2018. […]


Scomadi arrives back in the UK | NEWS

Covid stopped play and lead to most planes ending up as display models…   British Scomadi fans and existing owners will be pleased to know that new scooters (plus lots of parts and new accessories) have arrived back in their home country for the first time in over a year.   The brand has a […]

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Tips and advice for European riding/driving after BREXIT | FEATURE

Will EU border crossings be as simple post Brexit?   If you are a regular British rider going on continental scooter trips, things got a little more complicated from Jan 1st 2021 as Brexit kicked in. And that’s without the added difficulties of Covid…   Sticky takes a look at some of the changes and […]

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RST V4.1 Airbag suit crash-tested | FEATURE

  It’s not so many years ago that world-class bike racers were stuffing bits of foam down their leathers to offer some kind of extra protection. Armour just wasn’t a thing back then. Now all motorcycle kit has to be CE approved and armour has been standard in most riding jackets and trousers for many […]

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*UPDATED** Show off your COVID Lockdown projects | FEATURE

  2020 has been a slightly unusual year, COVID has kind of messed things up. We’ve had hardly any events, no National rallies, no meaningful places to ride to and as a result haven’t had to spend time fixing things.   The good news is that the extra time at home and the money we’ve […]


Cosmoto M210TV exhaust for Lambretta Quattrini kit | REVIEW

  The Quattrini M210 kit – which we previewed first on SLUK – has proven to be very popular as a high-end kit for the Lambretta small-block casing. Sadly, it has an unusual exhaust port angle and exhaust stud position which means that only specific exhausts fit.   That wouldn’t be a problem if many […]


A look back at a decade of Warmwell rallies | RALLERY

  It’s November, I’ve booked Warmwell for next year and I’m heading home after finishing the last of my rallies for the year…   Well that was 2019 BC (Before COVID) and I had no idea how 2020 was going to pan out; key-workers, clap for carers, furlough, face masks and worst of all, no rallies! […]

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Bettella and Pinasco welcome Gori to the family | NEWS

  Legendary scooter tuning brand Gori of Florence (Firenze) is moving to a new home after purchase of the company by Piergiorgio Bettella of Pinasco.   Vittorio (left) and Piergiorgio (centre) of Pinasco with Giancarlo Gori (right).   Who is Gori?   Gori was like Manchester City to the Ancillotti brothers Manchester United. Two firms […]