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Part 1: Whilton Mill 6-hour scooter endurance racing | FEATURE

What an epic weekend that turned out to be! Against all the odds, Keith Terry, Mikey Bonett and their long-suffering partners not only pulled off a very successful mid-pandemic season opener but also managed to get the event aired live across the world.  This gave scooters a chance at being showcased to thousands of people […]

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SLUK Racing – Vespa SS90 revived for Whilton Mill 6-hour | FEATURE

Battered but unbeaten in Road class – Underdog moves up to Race class…   We’ve done too well really, and now we must pay the price. SLUK has been the only team to win their class two times, and according to British Scooter Endurance Club’s rules, we now get ‘upgraded’ from the Road class to […]


EXCLUSIVE – Lambretta GT300 review and video | ROAD TEST

  The point of the water-cooled GT300 Rotax motor – Eden explained – was to build a Lambretta engine that would hold 80mph for hour after hour. Even in my short stint on the motorway it was clear after a couple of junctions that Gran Turismo had hit their target. What’s more, they’ve done it […]


Missing Scarborough? Col takes a SLUK back | FEATURE

  For the second successive year, many of us are getting to find out what normal people do on Easter weekends. Staying at home seems to be the done thing so I’m not sure normal is a good state to be in. We’d usually be thrashing our scooters to the East Coast resort of Scarborough. Sadly, […]


World first? Vespa GTX 300 | FEATURE

As a classic scooter enthusiast, I can’t help but thinking that Piaggio have really missed out by not capitalising on their rich back catalogue of timeless Vespa designs. Retro scooters sell by the container load – if it looks faintly like a 1960s classic but has modern running gear and somewhere to plug your hair […]


Shed find Spanish Jet 200 restored | FEATURE

  Rumoured by experts on Spanish model Lambrettas to be 10 times rarer than an Italian SX 200, this very early model ochre Jet 200 is one of only around 1000-1200 ever produced. Found in a leaky old shed, where it was stored for 37 years it’s now been restored and is back with the […]


Fancy a new Vespa T5 Classic? | FEATURE

  December 1987 saw me riding away from Norrie Kerr on the back wheel (literally) of a new Vespa T5. It was my 17th Birthday. I was on board a brand-new red, E reg, squaretail mark 1. I also had a large direct debit set up every month to pay the hire purchase and it […]


New ‘Slip on’ Scorpion Exhausts for Euro 4 & 5 Vespa GTS | FEATURE

  Owners of the latest Vespa GTS models will be pleased to know that Scorpion now have an aftermarket ‘slip-on’ exhaust available for the catalysed Euro 5 (and Euro 4) models.   This means swapping from a standard exhaust to a Scorpion is literally a five-minute job. Great news for the less mechanically minded – […]


BREXIT: All you need to know about EU buying and selling | FEATURE

Sending and receiving parcels isn’t quite as easy as it used to be…   A week or so after we officially left the EU, I wrote a blog on the ScooterNova magazine website outlining some of the changes relating to the buying and selling of scooter parts within the EU that would take place due […]

e10 fuel

Classic vehicle owners be afraid! E10 fuel in UK pumps by September | FEATURE

European fuel stations already use E10   It’s been announced that UK fuel stations will be moving over to E10 (petrol containing 10% Ethanol) fuel by September THIS YEAR! The move is effectively doubling the current ethanol content of pump fuel and bringing us in line with many parts of Europe.   The switch to […]

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Take your test – or are you an ‘L’ plate Loser? FEATURE

L plates are for learners, not for life   If you look around the campsite and town at any big scooter rally, or around the car park at a ride out you’ll see an abundance of classic and modern scooters. A variety of machines from all marques dating back to the 1950s, sometimes even earlier […]