1. rogscoot

    Piaggio doing the usual show a new paint scheme at EICMA, they are sloth like with developing anything new 🙁


    Yawn! Ho hum…the usual Piaggio stickers and paintjob effort.

    I ride bikes too and at EICMA 2017 the choice of new retro rides being showcased from a wealth of manufacturers is fantastic.

    Royal Enfield have upped their game with a new, quality 650cc retro, Indian have launched a retro scrambler and Kawasaki have revisited their history and have offered a new heritage cafe racer styled roadster. All these manufacturers bending metal to fashion new truly retro machines not just paint and stickers or giving heritage names to modern looking machines…now that is “Falso storico” Mr Colannino!

    Why can’t Piaggio drop their “falso storico” BS and make a truly retro looking metal bodied scoot with all the modern bells and whistles. I like the Primavera and GTS but they ain’t it.

    Long time Vespa customer (23 in 35 years) but going over to Scomadi metal bodied TT 200 if we ever get them here.
    3/10 Piaggio 🙁


    Just noticed but is the RA Relax suspiciously a dead ringer for the Lambretta Vendetta or is it my imagination?

    Another example of Clone War badge engineering? How is this allowed to happen? Why don’t the Italian customs and excise remove them?

    Chinese state sponsored economic warfare and impotence of international intellectual property rights? Bah! 🙁


    Yes just my imagination….of course….now where did I put my copy of 1984? 🙁

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