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gts dyno scorpion

Long termer: Vespa GTS Supertech Speedwheel dyno | FEATURE

  We mentioned having a Kübler Speedwheel fitted in our last Long Termer report and told you what our first impressions were. Now we’ve had time to use the GTS for a couple of extra months we thought it was worth bringing you an update.


’79 The Mod Revival by Garry Bushell | REVIEW

  Occasionally something will surprise me – this excellent book was one of them. I must admit I wasn’t expecting to be too excited when it landed with a thump on my doormat (it’s a heavy 332-page paperbacked tome). It’s written by Garry Bushell – the music hack we all grew up with and is […]

led headlight

Moto Nostra LED headlight | REVIEW

  It’s fair to say that standard Lambretta headlights aren’t really of much use. The 12v DC system on my Quattrini Eibar Series 2 is a lot better but still doesn’t really stop a rabbit in its tracks. Luckily Scooter Center in Germany have been developing these LED headlights for various models and they’ve sent […]


TSR Odyssey Vespa GTS exhaust | REVIEW

  The Scooter Republic from South Wales have recently launched their own Vespa GTS ‘Odyssey’ exhaust system. It’s a highly-polished stainless steel can and link pipe with the option of road legal, or the choice to remove two different decibel killers for a bit more noise. It comes with the peace of mind you get […]

HPE long termer

2019 Long-termer Vespa GTS 300 HPE SuperTech – Part 2 | FEATURE

  Living with a scooter is always the best way to get to know it. Especially when it’s a model you’ve ridden thousands and thousands of miles on in the past. The GTS SuperTech HPE 300 arrived in July as our long-term test bike and it’s started to loosen up now.   Here’s how we’re […]


SLUK Loves #11: RST Chelsea Jacket

  Modern riding gear has come on a long way in recent years. Long gone are the days where we had to ride in unpractical clothing (flight jackets etc.) in an effort to look stylish, or have an identity that set us apart from bikers.   Manufacturers are much more in tune with what we […]


CASA SST 265 – Italy to Poland test ride | FEATURE

  Spending close to eight grand on a new Lambretta engine is quite a serious purchase and when you’re as tight as Dangerous Dave Gould then you need to be sure that you’re spending very wisely.   It’s taken him two years of inner turmoil before making a purchase. He’s made three trips to Rimini […]


SLUK Loves #10: Richa GTX Arctic Gloves | REVIEW

  It’s been a while since we did a ‘SLUK Loves’ but we’ve got a few items of riding kit that we’ve been wearing long enough to review now. We’ll bring you a few reviews in the coming weeks. If you want to look at some of the earlier ‘SLUK Loves’ just do a search […]

Supertech woodhead

2019 Long-termer Vespa GTS 300 HPE SuperTech – Part 1 | LONG TERMER

  Welcome to the 2019 ScooterLab long-termer. I’m sure most of our readers won’t need an explanation as to what this one is but just in case you don’t know, this is the new Vespa GTS HPE SuperTech 300.    I’m no stranger to the Vespa GTS and have owned six since the first 250 […]

sluk shop advert

SLUK Plastics now available from SIP Scootershop | NEWS

  I’m sure most of you are familiar with our broad range of SLUK Plastics™ by now and if you aren’t then you should be! Our products are all designed by us – road-going scooter riders. Then they’re made in the UK by hand, they aren’t churned out in some Chinese sweatshop by the container […]


WIN a NEW Lambretta Sense QR2 rear brake cable | NEWS

  Lambretta rear brake cables do the job but they’re fiddly to replace or adjust and they make swapping an engine slightly more time-consuming. It’s a part that was ripe for improvement. Although others have made cables with threaded ends in the past this one also has an eyelet at the top end and as […]