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EXCLUSIVE – Lambretta GT300 review and video | ROAD TEST

  The point of the water-cooled GT300 Rotax motor – Eden explained – was to build a Lambretta engine that would hold 80mph for hour after hour. Even in my short stint on the motorway it was clear after a couple of junctions that Gran Turismo had hit their target. What’s more, they’ve done it […]


World first? Vespa GTX 300 | FEATURE

As a classic scooter enthusiast, I can’t help but thinking that Piaggio have really missed out by not capitalising on their rich back catalogue of timeless Vespa designs. Retro scooters sell by the container load – if it looks faintly like a 1960s classic but has modern running gear and somewhere to plug your hair […]


RST Pro Series Paragon 6 heated gloves | REVIEW

I saw a friend’s Facebook status a while ago, he’d accidentally left one of his heated gloves outside overnight and the local wildlife had chewed it up. As luck would have it I’d had a brand new pair of RST Pro Series Paragon 6 heated gloves sent in for testing. With lockdown in full swing, […]


Litelok® – A light & strong ‘Sold Secure Gold’ lock | REVIEW

VIDEO | A closer look at the Litelok   If you value your scooter, decent security should be at the top of your priority list. Leave it unsecured and you’re asking for trouble – an opportunist (or professional thief) will have it away in seconds.   Using quality security products will cost a thief extra […]

airbag crash

RST V4.1 Airbag suit crash-tested | FEATURE

  It’s not so many years ago that world-class bike racers were stuffing bits of foam down their leathers to offer some kind of extra protection. Armour just wasn’t a thing back then. Now all motorcycle kit has to be CE approved and armour has been standard in most riding jackets and trousers for many […]


Cosmoto M210TV exhaust for Lambretta Quattrini kit | REVIEW

  The Quattrini M210 kit – which we previewed first on SLUK – has proven to be very popular as a high-end kit for the Lambretta small-block casing. Sadly, it has an unusual exhaust port angle and exhaust stud position which means that only specific exhausts fit.   That wouldn’t be a problem if many […]

Banksy small

Vespa Elettrica 45 km/h | ROAD TEST

  We don’t tend to review (or ride) mopeds on ScooterLab very often but when one bears the Vespa name we’ll make an exception. The last (and only) time I rode the Elettrica was on a small test track at the EICMA show in Milan in 2018. The then-new electric scooter had just been ridden […]


10% off Easyblock – scooter security made quick & easy | FEATURE

  Scooter security is something lots of scooter riders ignore, or at least don’t take as seriously as they should. Hands up, how many of you have bought a £400 aftermarket exhaust but won’t spend less than half that price on protecting your £5,000 (or more) scooter? I dare say there are lots of you […]


Shoei NXR – hey you squashed my helmet! | REVIEW

  This is the third occasion, while writing for SLUK, that I’ve had an incident whilst using a Shoei helmet. This time it’s even more bizarre, but like a Thai massage, it has a happy ending.   Previously   The last two occasions that a Shoei saved my live were at a Tre Mari raid […]

TCX blend

SLUK Loves #12 TCX ladies Blend boots | REVIEW

  Not all female bike/scooter gear has to be pink and flowery, that’s because not all lady riders feel the need to pronounce their femininity quite so boldly. Practicality and style win over unicorns and rainbows for many of our lady riders – my other half included.   TCX have been my own boot of […]