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DVSA launch information portal for riders | NEWS

The DVSA – Driving Vehicle Standards Agency – has launched a new ‘Safe driving for life online resource for new and existing riders. The website aims to give common sense riding tips and advice, as well as offering theory and practical test help, all written in plain English and backed by the government agency. The […]


Tucano Urbano ‘AIRSCUD’ airbag launches | NEWS

Italian scooter and motorcycle wear brand, Tucano Urbano have become the latest company to offer an airbag as part of its range. Done with typical Italian style the vest can also have arms attached to become a jacket in its own right. Tucano are using the same In&motion technology as the RST race suit and […]


MotoGB Indian Coronavirus charity appeal | NEWS

A COVID-19 patient receives primary treatment outside LLR Hospital, amid a shortage in beds and medical oxygen due to a surge in coronavirus cases in Kanpur. I’m sure you’ve all seen the horrifying headlines, footage and images from India in the last couple of weeks. People literally gasping their last breaths as they ‘drown’ on […]


New comfortable replica Vespa Rally/Sprint seats | NEWS

Once upon a time scooterists rode on uncomfortable seats just because they looked good (in fact I still do on a couple of my scoots). These days they want comfort and good looks! These Vespa Rally/Sprint replica seats are made in Italy and are available from SIP now. They’re built to look good and protect […]


Vespa celebrates its 75th Birthday and hits 19 million scooters! | NEWS

The exquisite Vespa 98, where it all began I’m sure the Italian scooter pioneers would never have envisaged their humble Vespa still being around in 75 years time when they filed the first patent on April 23rd 1946… A motorcycle featuring a rational elemental and organic complex combined with frame and fenders and an engine […]

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Part 1: Whilton Mill 6-hour scooter endurance racing | FEATURE

What an epic weekend that turned out to be! Against all the odds, Keith Terry, Mikey Bonett and their long-suffering partners not only pulled off a very successful mid-pandemic season opener but also managed to get the event aired live across the world.  This gave scooters a chance at being showcased to thousands of people […]

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SLUK Racing – Vespa SS90 revived for Whilton Mill 6-hour | FEATURE

Battered but unbeaten in Road class – Underdog moves up to Race class…   We’ve done too well really, and now we must pay the price. SLUK has been the only team to win their class two times, and according to British Scooter Endurance Club’s rules, we now get ‘upgraded’ from the Road class to […]


Whilton Mill British Scooter Endurance | LIVE VIDEO FEED INFO!

  LIVE RACE ACTION HERE! 10 am – 4 pm Saturday 17th April Although spectators are still not allowed at sporting events in the UK (thanks to Covid) scooterists around the world can still watch six hours of this coming weekend’s Scooter Endurance racing – live as it happens!   At 10 am on Saturday […]


SIP Modern Vespa 2021 brochure | NEWS

SIP have just released their 2021 Modern Vespa brochure, it’s packed with loads of shiny stuff for your Vespa GTS, Sprint or Primavera. The parts include the lovely Pordoi alloy wheels pictured above, plus plenty of parts and accessories to style up your modern auto. Click on the brochure image above (or here) and you […]


SLUK VE (UK) competition winner | NEWS

Our recent photo competition – in conjunction with VE (UK) has been drawn by the beady eye of Mr Norrie Kerr. His favourite photograph was sent in by Duffy (image above) and it shows a fine looking bunch from Edinburgh Central SC. Any rumours that the winner being from Scotland helped sway Norrie’s decision is […]