1. mcaluan

    How cool is this….!


    Brilliant, genius idea. The death knell of fossil fuels is unavoidable, so classic scooterists may as well be ahead of the game…if you can afford it that is!

    I may just hang on to my petrified plankton juice until I am forced off the road. By then the prices will probably have come down.

    Be sure to patent your ideas fellas and don’t go in with any mainland Chinese manufacturers, as it seems they do not understand copyright and intellectual property laws…if you catch my drift.

  3. Toby TheEbt

    Is that wheel really just filled with A3 batteries‽!!
    U obviously not a diy-er the word is upcycle and I’m all for it. Like u say for the 2stroker the speed to cost ratio is a bit off. Which is sad. Is there an update on the Saigon scoots Ebrerta n vtronic plus the more modern Buzz. And not forgetting the Scomadi electric?
    I think the way forward is the buzz or Scomadi due to high classic prices. Has anyone gone 50/50 down the hybrid route ie leggy shield battery n 2 stroke engine?

  4. vespamore photography

    Very interesting and bags of potential, particularly for the style minded, eco-conscious commuter market.

    Full set of ‘storyboard’ photos I shot on 35mm film back in March of the PROJECT:E conversion here – https://flic.kr/s/aHsmdBQo8f

  5. Alex Sanchez

    I would buy 2. Large frame and small frame

  6. morganparker2

    I think you could sell a bunch of these in San Francisco, hurry up! There is a huge electric scooter craze and there are already tons of Vespas and Lambretta here. I have an old 150 Super frame with no engine ready to go myself! Seriously you should talk to the two main scooter shops here about it, they could perform the swap.

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