1. Ollie Jones

    Ive been using one of these for just over a year.

    This is one of the great pros: does not require pre-advancing of the stator plate (unlike many plug-in solutions)

    This however, isnt as straightforward as jetting needs to be greatly compensated for, unless you have a huge airleak:
    Several linear retard maps allow for ‘safe mode’ riding in the event of fuel problems

    Im also very interested to hear more about this: more sensitive to pick-up height on stator plate than some CDIs

    Great work as ever! totally underrated advance / retard unit.

    • Sticky

      Re the last point: we’ve found that with some combinations of aftermarket electronic flywheel and stator there is sufficient misalignment of the pick-up and the magnetic fingers on the flywheel trigger that you can end up with sparks being triggered several times per rotation which you can see when you check the timing with a strobe. Some brands of CDI are more susceptible to false triggers from pick-up misalignment than others.

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