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Vespa T5 SLUK Driver screen


*Now also available in matt black*

The Driver screen epitomised the 1980s scooter scene for many Vespa riders. Original screens are becoming rare and expensive, they’re often brittle through age, have battle scars, the paint is flaking and they have bits missing (a bit like the owners). That’s why we decided to recreate this classic Vespa screen. These are top quality and handmade in the UK, Have a look at the video here.




We’ve been careful to recreate the SLUK Driver and improve certain aspects without losing its identity and without trying to clone the original. If you own an original it’ll still be worth keeping, there’s nothing beats a genuine retro screen. Ours won’t be passed off as an original (they’re inscribed with SLUK Driver for starters) and up close you’ll see a few details that enhance them.

Better materials

The material we use is over 30 years newer for a start, the SLUK Driver is made from 4mm ABS, rather than the poly prop originals. Our material is far superior, it can be sprayed easily to match your own paintwork (if you choose) but also comes in a choice of four colours, gloss black, white, silver or carbon effect (Stunning new carbon effect now used – not pictured yet). The top screen comes in smoked perspex.


The brackets have been remade using stainless steel, they’re slightly wider than the originals, the bottom ‘L’ shape is longer and has two slotted fixing points (rather than the single hole in the originals). They fasten into the threaded holes beneath the headset, we’ve also put a twist at the top of the brackets. The twist is important, it takes out much of the vibration suffered by the original brackets.

The screens are supplied ready assembled, just attach the brackets and fix to the holes underneath the headset with four stainless bolts. The holes are slotted for up/down/in/out to give you a bit of adjustment and to give clearance from the headset, it’s worth using a strip of electrical tape to protect the paint on the headset though before fitting.

Top screen

  • Designed by SLUK and 100% handmade in the UK
  • Made from tough 3mm ABS plastic
  • Can easily be trimmed, sanded or painted
  • Produced in a racy high-gloss finish (white/black/metallic silver/carbon)
  • New carbon effect costs £6 extra due to material costs
  • Fully packaged and ready to fit
  • Screens are made to order but are usually shipped within 5-7 days

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight2002 g
Bottom screen colour

Gloss Black, Matt Black, White, Silver, Carbon effect

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