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Vespa GTS/GTV SLUK Guard Original

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The Vespa GTS is prone to rusting along the front seam, mud, water and stones get thrown up at the metal bodywork causing problems. Many owners have fitted ugly mud flaps or unsightly Lambretta rear bumpers to deflect some of the crud. That’s why we’ve developed these GTS SLUK Guards.





The SLUK Guard has been designed and built especially to fit and complement the GTS front mudguard, it simply locates on to the bottom edge of the mudguard and uses automotive-grade double-sided 3M tape to attach it, as well as four stainless steel 4mm self tappers (supplied). Alternatively, you can fit using plastic number plate bolts, stainless bolts with nylon nuts or rivet them on.

SLUK Guard comes in a choice of colours to blend in with, or enhance, your scooters looks and should help protect it against that dreaded Vespa corrosion.

Fitting video

To fix: Simply clean the inside of the mudguard thoroughly along the bottom edge using an alcohol wipe (or similar) and let it dry, peel off the green backing for the double-sided tape and fix the edge to the inner edge of the mudguard. Then use the supplied drill bit to drill holes (2 or 4 it’s up to you) and fix using the self tappers (supplied).

  • Designed by SLUK and made in the UK.
  • Made from tough 4mm ABS plastic (as used for most motorcycle fairings).
  • Can easily be trimmed, sanded or painted (certain tyres/13″ wheels/suspension and rider weight can make them rub slightly on some scooters but trimming is easy)
  • Produced in a racy high-gloss finish (white/black/metallic silver/carbon effect and textured OEM black)
  • Very lightweight but strong
  • Deflects excess water/stones etc. away from the front end of your Vespa
  • Fully packaged in SLUK blister pack and ready to fit with all you need (except an actual drill)
  • Comes complete with tape, stainless self tappers and the correct drill bit
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer
  • Fits all Vespa GT/GTS 125/250/300 (Note some late 2018 models have the HPE mudguard – ask if you’re unsure)
  • SLUK Guards are usually shipped within 3 days
  • UK Postage £6.95, world £15-£18
  • If shipping options for your address aren’t shown at checkout please let us know

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 2002 g

Black, White, Silver, Carbon effect, Textured black, Matt black

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Vespa GTS/GTV SLUK Guard Original

  1. TIMOTHY BROOKS (verified owner)

    Very nice finish in the carbon effect. I was lazy and did not bother to remove front wheel and was just able to do 3 self tappers (1 at each side and 1 centre mudguard) with a rubber sheathed screwdriver to avoid scratches. Even better than the self tappers with a Phillips head would be small stainless domed Allen heads so you can tighten them without interferance from the legshields. That I will do! So far no rain but it looks like the design is spot on and will stop all that crud going on the stoopid bodywork seam that just loves to corrode. Thank you SLUK.
    Any chance of a pre 2014 model GTS rear light cover trim to make its arse look more sexy? X

  2. VespaItalia

    Superb, had it on 3 months now. Well made. Wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of drilling my 6 month old GTS but it was a doddle.

  3. nigelphoto (verified owner)

    Brilliant piece of kit, very easy to fit although its important have a ‘dry run’ and perhaps put a couple of felt pen marks on the mudguard before removing the protector from the sticky pad (or you’ll get it in the wrong place as the sticky pad is seriously sticky!). Once in place, drilling and fitting two self tappers at the sides and then two about 2″ in from the sides to hold it all in place is easy peasy. The drill bit supplied is very short so there’s no chance of an impromptu deflation of the front tyre! In use it does what it says on the box – keeps the crud off the front valance and most importantly away from the lower seams which are prone to rust on the GTV/GTS. Because I’m fussy I painted the heads of the self tappers to match my GTV250 Aviator Grey and so they’re well camouflaged. This is a high quality product with all the bits you need to fit it and at a reasonable price and it came within 2 days of ordering. Job’s a good ‘un.

  4. jefft280

    This is a great product from an extremely helpful company ,a must have item to preserve your GTS and avoid the dreaded RUST.

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