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The SLUK Support is exclusive to SLUK
What is it?

It’s lightweight, yet extremely strong and has been made specifically to fit the genuine Vespa GTS rear carrier (will also fit other racks/scooters). A separate version is available for Lambretta & Scomadi.



It adds support for your load, keeping your otherwise droopy bags away from the indicators/exhaust etc. The ribbed sections of the Support fit directly over the bars of the genuine rear carrier and it’s secured using the re-useable extra strong tie wraps provided. This allows the Support to be removed when not in use, or when you reach a rally.

As an added rally campsite essential feature we’ve also allowed provision for it to hold two bottles, or beer glasses, making it the perfect impromptu party shelf or bar.

What does SLUK Support do?

  • It adds support and stability to your luggage, keeping your otherwise droopy bags away from the exhaust, rear light and panels.
  • The SLUK support has been designed so that it is still possible to hook bungees onto the rack.
  • We recommend that the main fastenings for your luggage always connect directly to the rack itself, however the SLUK Support also provides several additional bungee points for further stabilising your load.

See it being fitted here: SLUK Support 

SLUK Support has been designed to be easy to fit and remove, get to an event and you can either take it off, or leave it attached to use as a handy beer shelf!

SLUK Support comes with some releasable extra-strong tie wraps as part of the fitting kit, so you can position it on your rack, strap it on via the pre-drilled holes and use straight it away. See video for fitting guide.

It’s also possible to add extra holes for additional bungee points if needed, everybody has their own way of loading luggage so adapt yours to suit.


  • Designed and made in the UK.
  • Exclusive SLUK product
  • Simple to fit
  • Quick to remove
  • Strong
  • Bungee points built-in (extras can be drilled)
  • Made from tough ABS plastic (as used for most motorcycle fairings)
  • Produced in one colour, black
  • Fully packaged and ready to fit
  • Shipped direct from the manufacturer
  • Made to order but usually shipped within 5-7 days.
  • UK postage £6.95, World £15-£18
  • If shipping options for your address aren’t shown at checkout please let us know

** Although SLUK Support is made for the job and is strong, always make sure your load is secured properly to your carrier, not just to the SLUK Support.

** SLUK support does not increase the carrying capacity of your scooter’s rack. It is designed simply to provide a wider load area to prevent your luggage from slipping off. For load capacity of your rack, please consult the original manufacturer.

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Additional information

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