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SLUK Fireball 140 | Vespa GS/VBB/VNB/Sportique


The SLUK Fireball screen is exclusive to SLUK and will fit the following Vespa models…






  • GS 150/GS 160
  • Sportique
  • VBB
  • VNB (after 1959)
  • Any other vintage Vespa models with a round 140mm-diameter chrome headlight rim

This Fireball (and Lambretta XL5) screen was inspired by the original café racer Biemme screen from the 1960s. However, we’ve updated many aspects of the original design, shape and fitment to bring it firmly into the 21st century. We’ve also developed it to fit the Vespa.

We made completely new tooling and redesigned the screen to simplify and improve fitment. Now there are no ugly brackets. Instead, the screen clamps around the headlight rim using a special Hi-Torque* stainless steel band fastener.

The original Biemme screens were made from 2mm plastic. Ours are made from 4mm acrylic-coated ABS material and come in a choice of high gloss black, white, silver or carbon effect and can be painted to match your scooter for that bespoke look.


It’s hardly an IKEA sideboard but there is a minor bit of home assembly required, the clear ‘cockpit’  and laser-cut stainless trim needs attaching to the main part of the screen using the 7 stainless steel bolts and nylock nuts (supplied). The metal horseshoe piece sits on top of the ‘cockpit’ part of the screen, it’s all pre-drilled and ready to assemble.


Fitting is simple thanks to the Hi-Torque fastener which slides over the inner lip of the screen. Not only is it quick and easy to fit but it also means taking it off is simple when you need to get into the headset to change a cable or bulb.

Before fitting simply wrap a length of decent quality electrical tape (Gaffa tape, or 3M tape gives good adhesion and is thick enough to allow the Hi-Torque fitting to grip firmly) around your headlight rim and any painted areas that the screen touches. The tape serves both to protect the paintwork and also to give the gloss screen a good surface to grip on to. Simply slide the screen over the headlight rim and tighten the clip, either using a screwdriver or socket. That’s it.


Due to the way the legshields sit very close to the headset on these models, and because many of them have worn steering stops, the screen may just rest against the top of the leg shields on full lock (even without the screen many older Vespa headlights will touch the legshields).

If your scooter has an embellisher or thicker legshield trim fitted, you may just need to trim the screen slightly at home to clear it. Trimming is quick and easy with either a Dremel or hand file.


  • Designed and made in the UK.
  • Exclusive SLUK product
  • Simple to fit: pushes over the headlight rim and secures to the headset using the Hi-Torque clip.
  • Quick to remove: for ease of changing cables and bulbs.
  • Made from tough ABS plastic (as used for most motorcycle fairings) it can be easily trimmed, sanded or painted.
  • Produced in racy high-gloss finish (white/black/silver/carbon effect)
  • Fully packaged and ready to fit after simple assembly.
  • Shipped direct from the manufacturer.
  • Made to order but usually shipped within 3 days.
  • UK postage £6.95, World £15-£18


 * Hi-Torque fasteners can be tightened to 15Nm (approximately 3 times tighter than a traditional hose clip) however over-tightening risks damage to the screen. We recommend you periodically tighten the band to ensure the screen remains firmly fixed.

* We recommend that a single layer of electrical tape is applied to the headset before fitting the screen if you do not want the paint to become marked during use.

*We must apologise for the quality of the models used for the photos, both the one sat on the Sportique and the scooter itself. Times are tough but we’ll be getting some better looking ones very soon.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight2002 g
Screen colour

Black, White, Silver, Carbon effect, Matt black

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