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Rave On Scooterboy by Craig Brackenridge – PAPERBACK


When Sticky is impressed reviewing a book that we’d not heard of, you know it’s going to be a worthy read…

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If you were into scooters in the ’80s, this book will strike a chord with lots of us that noticed another scene happening…

Enfield, 1988. Terry Dean is a young scooter boy and member of the Enfield Beasts S.C. Though devoted the UK scooter scene, Terry is curious about what is happening in the underground after noticing groups of youths lurking in lay-bys and car parks just waiting for some strange, new adventure. His workmate Stevie Royle holds the key to the acid house and warehouse party scene and they both embark on a chemical odyssey that unlocks a netherworld of secret gatherings and euphoric soundscapes. Terry is consumed by the music and has an epiphany. He decides to take his promoting skills from the scootering scene and organise raves but when he tries to persuade his scooterist mates to get on board most of them are downright hostile to the idea. Terry and Stevie dive into the emerging acid house scene with gusto and over a few short months their raves grow rapidly in size and reputation – much to their surprise. Sex, money, drugs and prestige rain down on them but their cottage industry is getting too big, too fast and soon a North London drug dealer has them in his sights. After accepting an offer they can’t refuse, Terry finds that their rave promotions are no longer fuelled by just enthusiasm and a love for the music. It has become a business… a dangerous business. As his friends fall by the wayside along this dark road Terry needs help and only has the Enfield Beasts to turn to – but has he burnt his bridges with them for good?

Published by Old Dog Books

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