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Moni Moto wire free tracker

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If you’ve ever wanted to protect your classic (or modern) scooter with a tracker but haven’t been able to because you haven’t got a battery this is the answer.

A MoniMoto is a self-contained GPS/GSM vehicle tracker that can be set up and installed with no wiring and no hassle on any vehicle (bike/scooter/golf buggy/invalid scooter etc). Simply open the package, remove the plastic tab covering the battery on the tracker (and on the key fob), download the dedicated app to your smartphone and connect to the device. Once connected you can rename it (for instance Lambretta S1) so that you know which scooter is on the move when it calls you.

There are no complicated instructions, no wiring and if you choose to use your own SIM card there are no ongoing fees.

The supplied SIM costs just 3€ per month after the first two free months.

**Please supply a phone number at check out or your MoniMoto can’t be sent to you**



The tracker itself measures 126mm x 35mm and is small enough to be hidden in quite a few places on a classic scooter. Mounting is simple, just use the tie wraps supplied with the device. It’s waterproof, inconspicuous and the batteries will last for up to a year (it uses 2 CR123A batteries and they take seconds to change). The MoniMoto app gives details on battery condition and will update you occasionally to let you know all is well. Remember that the GPS signal isn’t as good through metal as it is through plastic so if you can mount it without it being completely enclosed behind panels the signal/tracking will be more reliable.

We’ve used the MoniMoto for a couple of years now on classic scooters and have been impressed by its reliability, the fact that the scooter can be parked outside at a rally without giving false alarms, (even when it’s windy) and that it’s pretty much a fit and forget device. In fact, I’ve found myself shaking or moving the scooter to make sure it’s still working (the reassuring phone call soon tells me it is). The other good thing is that it’s portable so you can swap it between scooters if you’re leaving one somewhere where it has the potential to be nicked.

If your scooter is moved (without the remote being in close proximity) the device will phone you within a minute or so to let you know the alarm has been raised, the app will give details on the current (or last known) location. The benefit over a conventional tracker is that you can track the scooter yourself, giving you a much better chance of finding it quickly and retrieving it.

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MM5, MM6

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1 review for Moni Moto wire free tracker

  1. Gavin Courtney (verified owner)

    Use it on works van, brilliant piece of kit, simple to set up. Soon as i set off in van working i’ll receive calls and notifications van is on the move, highly recommend.

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