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Lambretta TSR Evo Touring Exhaust – Series 2/3/SX/GP/Li


Out of stock until approx April 2021

Stainless steel Lambretta Evo exhaust from The Scooter Republic

LAMBRETTA TSR-EVO Touring Exhaust System

Dyno-developed In Germany with the cooperation of exhaust guru Marco Rentzmann – this exhaust design brings the evolution of the Lambretta 2 stroke expansion chamber solution to its ultimate conclusion on the Lambretta engine.

MORE USABLE POWER than on any other Lambretta exhaust system previously available including all iterations of the JL pipes like the Franspeed the jl3 the jl4 and the Taffspeed designs.

Out of stock



This exhaust system was designed from the ground up using two-stroke-racing software simulation testing first, then tested with long straight pipe expansions and finally when optimum power had been achieved the straight pipe was re-routed into the form you see here today designed to fit around the standard Lambretta frame without compromise to performance.

The end-can/muffler is fully repackable with a circlip holding together the wool and perforated tubing in a polished aluminium body which is stamped with BSAU for compliance with MOT/testing station requirements so as to be road legal.

According to The Scooter Republic: The original brief was to design an exhaust system that would surpass all other systems available on the market for maximum usable power throughout the rev range – this means unlike a race-derived system that will make all its power in a tiny window at the top end of the rev range the TSR-EVO pipe has the broadest possible spread of usable power in a Lambretta exhaust system.

Exhaust comes with 2 flanges, one to fit standard barrels and one for TS1/Imola type – Will fit all Lambretta barrels except the RB/Quattrini


Freepost to UK
Europe/World charged at cost (there may be an extra cost when we ship it out).

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