The PLC Polini Cup Vespa


Christiaan still sponsors several racers, including Thomas who races in the Polini Cup series, and sprinter Marco Sangiorgio, who built this Vespa.


  • Parmakit SP09 rotary kit
  • Sangiorgi Racing exhaust
  • MRT reedvalve
  • 24mm carburettor for class regulations
  • Sangiorgi crankshaft
  • PLC clutch
  • Second series Vespa Piaggio casing (stronger than PK).
  • Benelli 4-speed competition gearbox
  • Power: Approx 25hp


  • 100-90×10 rear wheel
  • Zip front wheel and fork
  • PLC crash bungs for forks
  • PLC Windshield – Santa Cruz skateboard logo
  • Steel original legshield with welded tube edging to reinforce. PLC now produces fibreglass legshields too.
  • Holes drilled in legshield to prevent aerodynamic instability at speeds over 130km/h.
  • PLC belly pan scoop which also improves high speed stability.
  • PLC handlebar tube conversion (T5 headset base) with greasing points.
  • PLC handlebar end weights.
  • Beringer front brake master cylinder, longer lever for better feel.
  • Handlebar height can be adjusted.
  • WP Steering damper conversion.
  • PLC Seat unit – this is the model for bigger people.
  • PLC rear body moulding. Wide fibreglass rear end version for Quattrini casings and wider exhausts.
  • DXC sliders minimise chassis damage in the event of an accident.
  • PLC CNC rear brake lever
  • PLC front mudguard fibreglass (for PK and Zip forks)
  • PLC brake cooler for Zip forks (also for Lambretta/VespaPK/PX)
  • Shocks by Giorgio Manucci.