One stand showing off lots of new components at EICMA were Italian tuning giants, Pinasco. Here are some of their highlights and if you’re a Lambretta rider don’t turn off just yet…


Vintage Vespas 

When it comes to vintage Vespas, nobody seems to be innovating as much as Pinasco at the moment. At EICMA they revealed a host of new and forthcoming products. Many of these are so new that they haven’t got a price or release date yet.

Starting from the oldest scooters first, we have already reported on SLUK about the Pinasco cylinder for Faro Basso (pre-57) Vespa here, but they announced today that they will also be producing:

  • A new Pinasco 4-stud 24mm inlet manifold
  • Pinasco Faro Basso engine casing which provides the option of reedvalve intake as an alternative to piston port inlet
  • Faro Basso 4-speed gearbox
  • Primary gear kit for Faro Basso and all Vespa 53-59
  • A new clutch to fit all Vespas from 53-59
  • A new ‘highbrake’ brake drum to fit with 8-inch wheels


ChiemgauVespa Edition 30

This black beauty is a very special Pinasco motor by German shop, ChiemgauVespa. It’s a 225cc, 30ps, 30nm engine limited to just 30 units. Imaginitively called ‘The Edition 30 Motor’. Everything, aside from the expansion pipe is by Pinasco. The engines are available now, everything is brand new and the first six are already sold.

The price? €4999 (£4300 at today’s exchange rate)


Zuera race cylinder

Following on with the smallframe, there is a new 60mm bore Zuera race smallframe cylinder kit which is the bigger brother to the previously released 57.5mm kit in 2 versions:

  • Zuera 60 reed-valve
  • Zuera 60 rotary

Smallframe crankshaft

To match this they have a new specific smallframe race crankshaft. What is extremely novel is the system for rebalancing the crankshaft. This is done by screwing weights made from different metals into threaded holes in the crankwebs.

Additionally the new race crank has a splined end, designed exclusively to pair with a selection of straight-cut primary drive gear cogs from 23-28 teeth, all with extractor threads for rapid swapping without need for the silly woodruff key used as standard.


Two new smallframe casings

Pinasco’s new smallframe engine casings were on display in 2 versions:

  • Crankcase reedvalve (left)
  • Double rotary inlet (right), in theory both webs will be cutaway to improve inlet area


Big bore SI carb

There have been some changes in plan for the oversized SI (Vespa Largeframe carburettor) that SLUK exclusively revealed here. Further development has revealed that there is not room in the carb-box for a 30mm carb, so they have redesigned the body of their SI ER carb to 28mm bore. The carb has full CNC-machined fuel passages to reduce the chances of the carb bowl running empty in use. According to Giorgio, the 28mm is due for release soon and the maximum size he expects to get from future development is 29mm.


Pinasco Lambretta

Perhaps the biggest revelation from Pinasco was their first Lambretta product – an Indian GP (10-12-15-17t) gear cluster made by their specialist gear company. While the ratios are not innovative, Pinasco say that the material and heat treatment are special and afford far greater durability than normal Lambretta gears. This gearbox was used by Alex from Cosmoto for the Scootentole 10-hour race in Magny-Cours. The price of this box is €140 + tax.

Development engineer Vittorio explained that they are currently looking to develop a complete replacement Lambretta gearbox based on the GP set-up, but with tooth numbers adjusted to close-up the ratios.

Pinasco have clearly found very good sources for all sorts of castings and forgings so we don’t expect these to be the last Lambretta products we see from the company. Could they be the next firm to enter the Lambretta casing wars?