1. Nick Venables

    Hi. After seeing this video im going to go with this set up on my 55.

    Question, where can i get the pinasco 64 tooth gear kit as im struggling.

    Cheers nick

  2. Lukas Tobias Gruber

    really wondering why nobody in this “review” points out that price/power relation is really really bad?
    only 10,4hp for nearlly 500,- out of 160ccm is good?
    its not & absolutely not state of the art in the year 2017

    even the quattrini M1x/ M172 is cheaper with 172ccm

    the price is unbelievable high as we were always used to when it comes to pinasco hardware, u pay the name and u cant expect highend power/technique (best example: the oldschool 80ies was renamed to “SUPER SPORT” but it still has only 1 real port as it is only a copy of the original piaggio 200ccm cylinder designed for pnp only)

    back to that funny new 160ccm pinasco kit:
    a) u only get 10,4hp for impressive 490,-
    b) 160ccm and only 10,4hp ?
    both is bad.

    simple comparison:
    a plug and play DR 177 for only euro 160,- (!) gains 11-12hp (sure, its a different engine type, doesnt matter.)

    just be aware of that, if u are fine with that, go for it ;o)

    its also for sure that the timings do have potential
    (not to say: typical for pinasco timings are usually bad ;o) )
    so it should be able to get more out of this 160ccm
    its 2stroke guys! so easy pimp able.

  3. Alex Vildard

    I Agree Lukas, it sounds like a rip off. Plus carb plus exhaust plus flywheel.
    But what are the better cheaper options?
    A px engine conversion? It’s a shame to go that way?
    What would you suggest?

  4. Alex Vildard

    I have taken the plunge. Its a very expensive option. but the PX convertion was not looking good and had to shave off finns off of the cylinder. I had managed to shave the carb down with reeds and the carb box so that I would not have to cut the frame, It did work. But I like the idea of having the original engine.

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