1. Osh67

    I’m becoming more and more tempted by the Django.
    I’ve always ridden geared 2 stroke Vespas, because amongst other things, I loved the practicality of the spare wheel and indeed, the ease with which the split wheel rims allowed you to change a puncture.

    With this in mind, I thought the 4t LML 200 might’ve been a good compromise, but varied reviews and the recent announcement of imminent liquidation, have put paid to that option.

    The restrictions being imposed by various European cities on older scooters is also a consideration, and I can forsee this having a domino effect in the next few years.
    So it seems that now is as good a time as any to embrace modern scootering and thi Django seems to have the right combo of reliability, retro style and affordability to make it an attractive option.
    Anyways just wanted to say thanks for all the honest and frank reviews and for a really interesting and varied website.

    Osh 🙂

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