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  1. Zap Brannigan

    The Greens have created more traffic congestion in Brighton by creating hardly used cycle lanes on both sides of the road that take up an entire traffic lane on two lane roads that result in doubling the number (length) of motor vehicle traffic in one lane, prevent passing on the nearside as ther vehicles turn right and have caused longer static traffic queues at lights, resulting in more localised pollution in areas where there is housing. I have seen about 2 cyclists at a time on the entire stretch of about a mile vs. 50 motorised vehicles, including PTWs. So, only a very tiny minority benefit from these measures. That is not democracy. The Greens claim to be champions of democracy by wanting PR in parliament yet in their local dealings ignore the needs of most people to dogmatically follow their own flawed agenda. The closure of Madeira Drive being another folly that has resulted in creating a “ghost town” in a once vibrant area, now populated by a handful of joggers and cyclists. The local businesses suffering badly from reduced footfall. Please sign this petition if you have visited Brighton by scooter or was intending to. There is nowhere for you to go now. It’s all off limits. The Greens are enemies of British history and culture.

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