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  1. Solostax

    Great Idea.Superb editing.Thanks for the laugh.

    With the present crisis threatening to keep us housebound for some time yet and the probability that all those little jobs / projects are now either completed or stalled through lack of supplies,may I out of sheer boredom suggest the following.

    Youtube has many examples of “Soda Can” models but no really good ones for scooters, especially Lambretta shaped. Whilst contemplating having another go I thought this might be a worthy challenge open to all comers of various skill..

    But first one has to dispose of the beer can contents!

    In the interests of offering a reference I attach some photos of some stuff I did years ago (retrieved from the loft). As you can see from the photos of my attempts there is a lot to improve on, but having said that all of these were completed with absolute minimum time/ tools and additional materials and whilst still under the influence of the can’s contents.

    If completed models are to be presented for online judgement by our peers, I suggest some categories .

    1/Single can model using only 1x 330 ,440,500ml or (Carlsberg ?) 1 pint.

    2/ Model using 2xcans of the above volume.

    3/ Any amount ,any size.

    The construction method can be assisted by sellotape, superglue or hot glue or as those clever bods somewhere in Asia ,no adhesive whatsoever, merely interlocking tabs that are unseen in the finished article.

    The use of other materials such as cellophane for headlight or cocktail sticks used as axles can be a judged on merit ,but should be kept to a minimum

    Realism , constant scale, appearance etc might also be judging criteria.

    Perhaps time periods to present online fall between certain dates which can be voted on by interested parties to arrive at a winner.

    As a guide to minimum tools :- (a) Scissors,(b) Ruler,(c)Pencil, (d) Elastoplast!

    Suggested other materials (a) Sellotape, (b) Cocktail sticks, (c) small rubber bands (Tyres).(d) Superglue.

    If there are any outstanding entries would the entrant(s) be willing to de-construct their model(s), flatten out the aluminium ,draw templates and allow others to construct to their plans?

    PS..Although I include Elastoplast I have never cut myself making these……,but just to be safe !



    Having a problem attaching photos ,

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