1. ULC Shane

    Ralloo @ Larne, what a blast that was
    Great memories of that place

  2. country frank

    Hey Ian – great piece on the ’89 season – I am the fella with the dreadful hair in picture 40 – siting with my old chopper [Hot Pearl Snatch] – probably margate – certainly 1989 and defiantly with a hang over…..Great times indeed.

    Oddly enough me and the bike appear on the final issue of the Scooterboys book – I even recall the moment the photo was taken, [see here for more info on the bike];


    At 51 I am still scootering [Lambrettas, naturally] – I have 2 series 2’s and a scratch built frambreather to be getting on with – never leaves you does it!

    Keep on keeping on and many thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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