1. Doug

    what an awesome nostalgic write up and pictures

  2. ULC Shane

    The good old bad days of scootering
    Fond memories of it all and wish I could turn back the years and do it all again

  3. Martin Kane

    Great memories as previously stated both good and bad but hey we were all kids then really. Wish I could do the same milage on the scoot now without a care in the world… Happy days,bye the way The Emerald Express P2 at Aberystwyth was my bike for 89,then had a blow out on the way to Yarmouth at Easter 90,that then got the italia90 paint job for that Summer plus we all got into the Manchester scene. Great pics Col thanks for sharing

  4. country frank

    Great memories indeed – thats me in pic 40 sitting with my old chopper Hot Pearl Snatch – probably Margate and certainly with a hang over. Did al the rallies in 88 and 89 with Norwich’s Fine City Scooter Club – Rodge, Brody, Reado and the crew – great times for sure.

    The bike is still out there and currently belongs to Terry Vine of the flatlanders [now black] – See here for more info on the bike;


    At 51 I am still scootering [Lambretta’s naturally] – Just finished a scratch built Frame breather and I’m using a [couple of] series 2’s as daily rides…..keep on keeping on!

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