1. Nigel Beevers

    hp nowhere near that in vespa 125 bit febs scootering

  2. Mark John Edward Finneyscuba

    please please can someone tell me what size jets to use in a 30 mm delloto on a bgm pro 177 ,60 mm crank open inlet port opend transfer ports to 1,5 bgm gasket , we are have trouble at high revs got in running only doing 2,, 4 000 rev it wount pull afther that it seems as if it stariving for petrol DONT GET ME WRONG THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE BMG 177 PRO please please can some one help me THIS A GENIUE REQEST thank mark finney ,england newcastle under lyme

    • Sticky

      May well be starving of petrol. Did you fit a fast-flow tap? Checked the petrol cap breathes properly? Best bet is to get the scooter on a reputable dyno.

      • Lee Davison

        Can you please tell me what jets you used for the 30mm Dellorto phbh I’ve got a similar set up but I’m a bit stumped???

  3. Mark John Edward Finneyscuba

    thanks sticky just had all the right jets sizes emailed to me from germany we where way out i was only on a 118 ,,silly me but now i no the right sizes atom,, needle and idle ,thank god

  4. Norm

    Shame the BGM kit is no longer available 🙁

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