1. Raff Rafferty

    great write up . and Col your a star been lookin a pic of the Guinness p200 for years . on it’s first outing a skeggy 1990 .
    i painted it and sign writing was done by Mike Phoenix . think the lacquer wasn’t fully hardened ….lol

    • Aaron Perks

      Nice one Col.
      I have said before myself that 90’s was a top time .
      Good to see Kelv and Pants in the picture of Big Simon on he’s Chop at Margate?.
      All the best dude.

  2. Mark B

    90’s any day …. “RUN IN THE SUN” Avon park 94 .. I’ve got a photo somewhere of me in a sumo suit … and went to York dragway 95 and 96 … top weekends….what year did we go to bridlington twice …
    Good write up
    Ride safe
    Mark B

    • iggy-grainger

      I might have ‘fought’ you in a sumo suit at Avon Park!

      • Mark B

        Iggy …the lad I fought thought he could out do a ahem young ahem ..33 year old . After a couple of jabs and pushing .. he was out of the ring ..a young 20 something wannabe ….if you check the write up in stuart lannings magazine at the time .. not going to mention its name … take a look.and you will see me standing in a group outside the “racers return” … just after the rain gave way … I’m willing to throw down the gauntlet if ever the opportunity of a sumo suit kafuffull is on a rally camp site

  3. Phil Kitchen

    The best rallies on my opion was the 90s when there wasn’t everyone in to make money and you travelled up and down the country to meet up with your rally friends, unfortunately that was the de ade I met col and it’s been down hill from then, 🙂

  4. Sticky Round

    Wicked article Col – and a pic of my old chop that I’ve never seen before.

  5. boggobomber

    Thats a great write up & some cracking photos…. was shocked to see me & Jackos scoots parked up together ..pleased to say we are still together (32 years this year) we actually got married on one of the scoots 28 years ago…. and the scoots are still here with us in the family although they look abit different now! (we dont still have the same tent haha) cheers Boggy

  6. Adam.cooper2

    IoW early 90s we used to go to CCI rallies, run by legend Tony Class (RIP).
    I wouldn’t consider them “pirate”… Just our thing…and a good time was always had.
    They weren’t always August either…
    Great write up

  7. SlackerThePinstriper

    Great write up Col. I started out in 95’ and most of these scoots were still about then.
    Hopefully see you in Alfreton at the weekend ✌

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