1. Gavin Courtney

    Fantastic piece of kit, easy to set up, use it on my work van. Highly recommend.

  2. Nijo61

    I had my Vespa 300 GTS stolen last week- the tracker alerted me and I found the scooter in a dark back alley hidden behind 3 wheely bins. From the moment I was alerted via the app to when it was back in my possession was 10 minutes. Definitely would have not found it without the tracker – an amazing bit of kit.

  3. rudeboy67

    I have purchased one after reading the review and found it easy to set up, the only thing I need to test is where to fit it on a all metal panelled scooter as in the instructions it say it will not transmit if in a metal box..At the moment it is placed under my seat and scooter in brick building and it cant find signal to update… so at the moment its not so good ….. few test to see how it fairs up.

  4. rudeboy67

    well very impressed with the customer service with SLUK Iggy contacted me with a few tips on location to fit the minimoto tracker and also with a few tips on how it works. I am now very pleased with the way its working now, I moved my bike last night to put it away and was notified very quickly to say my scooter had moved …Excellent !

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