Zapp teaser video

Details of a new UK based scooter manufacturer emerged today. Zapp will reveal it’s new 300cc equivalent, high-performance superbike inspired electric scooter later this month.  Although the company are new they aim to “Be a leader in the urban transport revolution.”

What do we know so far? The press release only gives a teaser image but we also found the video above showing a little more detail, including TFT instruments, a small front screen and aggressive looking styling. The text promises a completely new scooter built from the ground up and boasting a motorsport-inspired lightweight aluminium exoskeleton (see the snake-shaped silver frame highlighted in the image).

Personalise it

Zapp will also encourage customer individuality with a wide choice of parts that can be configured to meet the customer’s individual style and budget. The i300 will also come with a convenient and innovative charging solution, making “Range anxiety a thing of the past.” Bold claims from an as yet unproven manufacturer but if they live up to the hype and it looks and rides as well as they claim it could well be a game changer for the electric scooter market.

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  • New scooter rethinks how a scooter should look and ride
  • Built on a motorsport-inspired lightweight aluminium exoskeleton
  • Uses an ultra-high performance internal permanent magnet electric motor
  • Powered by highly compact removable battery pack for at home charging
  • Superbike-level componentry 
  • Wide choice of configurable options and accessories

We’ll bring you more news on Zapp as they’re revealed later this month, you can also follow them on social media at: @ZappScooter

New products always in development…