1. ULC Shane

    Engines and exotica for the super rich,Way out of reach for your normal average Joe riding a classic scooter.

  2. Sticky Round

    Take your point Shane, lots of expensive products out of reach of most mortals, but people like to read about Ferraris even when they own a Mondeo. Nobody buys Mondeo Monthly.

    Still there are products in this article from SIP and Casa particularly that will find their way onto real-world scooters in the future so all is not lost.

  3. ULC Shane

    Lol, I’ve a friend who loves Mondeo’s especially the St220, but quite right there’s no porn mag for them( thank goodness)
    I agree we as classic lambretta riders are spoiled for choice these day’s and the few companies who make parts within reach for us mere mortals. We can only dream

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