cutdown aero

New from SLUK Plastics® for 2021 is our Aero rear mudguard. The Aero is a perfect finishing touch to a cutdown or chopper but could also be used on full-framed scooters. 

The Aero compliments our existing front Racer mudguard and is designed to keep the worst of the spray from hitting your frame/engine and splashing up the rider’s back. It comes in a choice of six colours, gloss black, textured black, white, silver, carbon effect and for you 1980s scooterboys – matt black.


The mudguard has been designed to wrap around the Lambretta frame tube and can be positioned a little higher or lower on the frame, depending on how much clearance between the mudguard and rear wheel there is on your scooter. Remember when fitting to allow for suspension travel/rider weight/extra luggage/pillion etc. and give more clearance than you think you need just to be on the safe side. The mudguard also has an area moulded around the shock absorber and to add extra strength we’ve added a hidden stainless steel strengthening bar, complete with countersunk stainless bolts and nylock nuts.

Fitting is simple:

  • Clean your frame tube using an alcohol wipe
  • Test fit the mudguard and mark your frame to show the position it needs to be at
  • Peel off the green backing tape
  • Position the mudguard where you want it and stick to the frame
  • Use the two supplied tie wraps to attach it securely to your frame
  • Trim off the excess tie wraps, job done
  • Check for clearance under load and test ride locally to make sure all is good

Alternative fitting

If you’re looking for a sleeker fit, you can use the two holes for the stainless support and either tap two 6mm holes into your frame or use some nutserts.

aero close up

Buy it now!

The Aero is part of our growing range of SLUK Plastics® products.

All parts are designed by us, then developed, moulded, hand made and finished here in England by our artisan craftsman, Nigel. We only use recycled high-grade plastics. All parts are designed to fit, look good and do a job.

The Aero mudguard costs £41.50 (£45 for carbon effect) and is available now by clicking this link.