Owners of the latest Vespa GTS models will be pleased to know that Scorpion now have an aftermarket ‘slip-on’ exhaust available for the catalysed Euro 5 (and Euro 4) models.


This means swapping from a standard exhaust to a Scorpion is literally a five-minute job. Great news for the less mechanically minded – or lazy. We went up to the factory to take a look.


No longer interchangeable


Since Euro 4 the GTS exhaust has changed significantly and the latest Euro 5 models won’t run if you try to swap the full exhaust – bad news for owners who trade up and want to re-use their aftermarket exhaust on their new scooter. As standard, the Euro 4 model comes with a catalytic converter in the silencer, whilst the Euro 5 (125 and 300) comes with two cats – one in the header pipe and another in the silencer. In the past Scorpion have always produced full systems (rather than a slip-on) but changes to the electronics for the Euro 5 model mean that’s no longer an option. I wonder how long it’ll be before anti-tampering measures stop any modification to a new scooter? 


New link pipe with space for an extra cat if you're sadistic enough to want one...
New link pipe with space for an extra cat if you’re sadistic enough to want one…


Link pipe


Fitting a slip-on really is a simple job because you don’t need to get to the fiddly and hard to undo manifold nuts. The manifold/header pipe stays in place and the replacement exhaust fits to it using a stainless curved link pipe. The fat end of the new link pipe is designed to accommodate a secondary optional cat (not available yet), which may be required to satisfy legislation for some markets.




Fat cat


Look closely and you can see where the OEM catalytic converter sits in the standard header pipe. It looks like a snake swallowed a cat, which is kind of what it is.


Exhaust removal 


To remove the original exhaust simply unfasten the clamp that holds the exhaust to the manifold, undo the bolts that hold it to the scooter, slide it off the manifold and that’s it.



Before fitting


You just need to fasten the exhaust hanger to the can using the two bolts supplied, leave them loose though until you’ve fitted the exhaust to allow some movement. 




Fit the can


Slide the can onto the link pipe and the new clamp onto the other end. Then slide the link pipe onto the existing header and fit the two bolts (hand tight) to secure it to the swinging arm of your GTS.


Tighten up the two allen head bolts that hold it to the swinging arm and then, using an open-ended 13mm spanner, tighten the two hanger bolts properly into the back of the can. Finally, tighten up the clamp, job done. 


VIDEO | Scorpion fit and sound


Why buy Scorpion?

  • Scorpion Exhausts are made in the UK
  • Come with a lifetime warranty
  • Fit well
  • Sound good
  • Improve power
  • Stainless so don’t rust


Price and availability?


The Euro 4 and Euro 5 slip-on Serket Parallel cans are available for the GTS 300 now. You can buy direct from the SLUK Shop, or through your local Scorpion supplier. The 125 Euro 4 & 5 version will be out soon.


The options are for brushed stainless steel or black, although it’s worth noting there is no all-black system (black link pipe) currently available for the latest models. 


Prices are: Stainless £349 black £399.

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